Virat Kohli In An Interactive Avatar For Oakley’s Disruptive By Design Challenge

Oakley India has launched the Disruptive By Design Challenge featuring brand ambassador Virat Kohli in an interactive video where the cricketer throws up challenges to players

Oakley eyewear has always been about innovation and style. The brand almost wrote its own history when it reinvented sunglasses for sportsmen and was widely in demand by world class athletes like Lance Armstrong, Greg LeMond and Mark Allen back in the day. Oakley is still innovating and how. Today the brand is endorsed by fiery young cricketer Virat Kohli in India and boasts of a variety of eyewear, innovative in function as well as style.

In keeping up with its innovative and stylish brand image, the eyewear brand has launched a month-long promotional campaign with Virat Kohli as the face of the campaign. The idea is to not only build brand visibility, but also create buzz around Oakley products and to engage fans in an interactive way.

Oakley India has launched the Disruptive by Design Challenge on its Facebook page, in which Virat challenges users through an interactive Facebook app, designed by creative digital agency Brandmovers India.

While users get to interact with the cricketer they also get to learn about the eyewear variants through the challenge. Hosted on the Facebook app, the challenge requires a participant to ‘like’ the page before getting started, answer Virat’s questions and stand to win Oakley merchandise.


I liked the page and was welcomed to the interactive app that starts with Virat introducing himself (not that he requires any introduction!), and then the 4 Oakley eye wear variants namely RADARLOCK, GARAGE LOCK, HOLBROOK and CROSSLINK and what each is popular for.

He then asked me to pick one by clicking on the variant displayed on the screen. He wore the one I chose and started to give his take on it. Virat then asked me a question on that variant; the question is displayed below with options.

The interactivity in the video continues with Virat asking me to pick another variant from the remaining three, till I had answered all 4 questions.

After one has completed the challenge, there is a form to fill with details, which is then followed by an Instawin jackpot chance. It is not mandatory to play the jackpot in order to be eligible to be a winner of the challenge.

After one has played Instawin jackpot once, irrespective of him/her winning or losing, he will be provided another chance to play the Instawin jackpot. However, to gain a second entry to the jackpot, it is mandatory to share the campaign promotion on their Facebook wall. Instawin jackpot is a lucky draw contest. The winners for this jackpot will entirely be selected on the basis on lucky draw.

Along with Virat sharing the challenge with his 18 million fans on Facebook, Oakley India has also been creating buzz on its Facebook page with over 125K fans.

Designed to engage

Brand ambassador Virat Kohli is the nation’s favourite and enjoys a huge following on Facebook as well as Twitter. An interactive challenge with him is tempting enough to drive participation to the campaign. Apart from serving to disseminate product information, the Facebook challenge adds a fun interactivity layer to the end user experience.

With mandatory liking of the Facebook page, the Disruptive by Design challenge also ensures growth of the Oakley India Facebook page. Virat Kohli, interactivity, Oakley merchandise are the three pillars on which this campaign stays put. However, Oakley India could reach out further to the target audience if it has a presence on Twitter too.