#KhaneMeinTwist: Nutralite teams up with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor for new crowd-sourced video series

Chef Kapoor added a tasty twist to everyday khana for promoting the health brand's new variants, and all this was demonstrated using Facebook Live video

Advertising, over the ages, has evolved to replace our need to know what’s going on inside our body, inside our vital organs, inside each cell in particular. An ad film depicts the actual harm done, better than a science documentary. All credit to food businesses, now even pre-schoolers know all about ‘cholesterol’, both the good ones and the bad ones. We also know about new type of diseases caused by the wrong ‘lifestyle.’

We have now become picky at grocery shopping, carefully dodging tastier foodstuff for their seemingly ‘cholesterol-free’ counterparts. ‘Fat-free’, ‘lite’ (sic), ‘fuel for fitness’ are the types of foods we prefer. But, there is a tradeoff – tasty, delicious, flavourful or bland, unsavoury and generally eeew! Come on, who digs into a bowl of oats porridge with Y-U-M written all over their face?

A health brand is now looking to build its equity in the taste department. Healthy food need not be bland, if you chef up with a twist, it says. Nutralite, a healthier alternative to table spread, minus the cholesterol and enriched with Omega 3, has recently launched two new variants - Garlic & Oregano and Pudina & Coriander. So you can say ‘healthy and tasty’ together.

Nutralite roped in India’s most loved chef Sanjeev Kapoor to convey this through the campaign #KhaneMeinTwist, beginning with an ad film conceptualized by DDB Mudra West. Playing to the 90’s pop number ‘Kya Soorat Hain’ in the background, a number of men are seen on their way to work with long, grumpy faces. The culprit is found to be their morning breakfast, healthy but boring!

In comes chef Kapoor armed with the new variants, and the tasty stuff you can cook with it, and the promise of ‘Aap happy, aapki health happy.’

The idea was extended on digital too. Digital communication was focused on the proposed communication of ‘transforming boring food into something that’s much healthier and tastier’, the digital agency team  at Tonic Media shared. The above thought was summoned in one keyword as a ‘twist’ in daily recipes, eventually giving birth to the campaign name #KhaneMeinTwist.

Brand communication was personalized on digital. #KhaneMeinTwist leveraged Facebook to reach out to its target audience. Prior to the launch, the team created buzz with a promo video on Facebook. Users were invited to join Facebook LIVE with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and be a part of the cooking session of ‘Khane Mein Twist.’ Besides, users were asked to share recipe suggestions.

At the launch, in what is claimed to be India’s First LIVE Cooking Show, on Facebook, Kapoor launched Nutralite’s two new variants, while extending the session into a live cooking one on Facebook. He cooked three recipes using the new variants.

#KhaneMeinTwist Live with Sanjeev Kapoor

Comment below with your recipe suggestions & watch Sanjeev Kapoor add a healthy and tasty twist with Nutralite.#KhaneMeinTwist

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The recipe suggestions, shared by users on the promo videos and the FB Live video were then turned into recipe videos, the series named ‘The #KhaneMeinTwist Series’.

The team released these videos every other day, enabling user engagement and consumption. Additionally, all the videos including the promo video and the pre-buzz videos were cross-promoted on the Nutralite Facebook page, as well as Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s brand page.

The #KhaneMeinTwist Series | Fariha Fatima | Double Ka Meetha

A sweet indulgence with a healthy twist. Watch Chef Sanjeev Kapoor add a delicious and healthy #KhaneMeinTwist to this delicacy from Hyderabad, Double Ka Meetha. Fariha Fatima we hope you liked this twist!

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The #KhaneMeinTwist Series | Anuradha Gulati | Methi Malai Mutter

As our series come to an end, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor adds a #KhaneMeinTwist to the classic and delectable dish, Methi Malai Mutter. Anuradha Gulati, thank you for the amazing suggestion!

Nai-post ni Nutralite noong Huwebes, Hulyo 20, 2017

Content-rich. User-generated. Influencer-driven

Consumers are eager to try new products, and if the product comes with videos demonstrating the many ways in which it can be put to use, the result is often repeat buys. Marketers have been relying on this for most of their launches and now with the advent of influencer marketing, building digital awareness is a multi-faceted strategy. Demonstrating that healthy and tasty can go together with the help of an authentic voice like chef Sanjeev Kapoor, makes for a great start in Nutralite’s #KhaneMeinTwist.

The crowd-sourced video series now serves as a content repository for the brand, that can be distributed across channels and also extended onto more user-generated recipe videos. Nutralite has started a sound content marketing strategy for the new variants, one in which it has the scope for digital amplification with the help of influencers in the areas of food, fitness and lifestyle. Food bloggers, lifestyle & fitness bloggers could also be roped in to boost the content creation.

The campaign has indeed managed to bring a healthy twist to the otherwise boring ‘ghar ka khana’!