Why Numero Uno’s Repositioning Strategy To Reach Out To Fashionable Youth Falls Flat On Digital

Numero Uno, the fashion brand is re-positioning its strategy to reach out to today’s fun, intelligent and fashionable youth but the campaign lacks a strong digital strategy


The biggest challenge for marketers today is to speak in the language of the youth, and on the mediums they are present in. In a recent study released by GlobalWebIndex on how the world’s major social networks have been faring in 2015, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram emerged as the big winners in terms of growth rates. However, teens still remain the biggest problem for Facebook as they are spending time on Snapchat.

In India, Facebook and WhatsApp remain the preferred social networks to share content stated the Waggener Edstrom Communications (WE) second edition of its proprietary Asia-Pacific research study, “Content Matters: The Impact of Brand Storytelling Online in 2015″

Forward thinking brands are reaching out to youth by selling stories in innovative ways but at the same time there are brands who lack an intent for digital. Jeanswear brand Numero Uno is the latest brand to fall in the latter category.

Numero Uno, the 25-year-old fashion brand is re-positioning its strategy to reach out to today’s intelligent and fashionable youth.

Conceptualised and created by Hakuhodo Percept, the campaign ‘What are you Numero Uno at?’ evolved from the brand name and its core philosophy. The brand states that ‘Numero Uno’ quality is in everyone and encourages each one to celebrate that uniqueness. Whether it is quirky, practical, interesting, funny or uncanny, celebrate and flaunt it boldly and fashionably. The campaign will be executed through a 360-degree approach with a focus on print, out of home (hoardings and mall branding) and cinema branding.

In addition to this the campaign also creates a brand new lingo of words which can be seen in the dictionNUary since it is targeting the young fashion conscious consumers. These words signify the Numero Uno expressions, such as if you are Numero Uno at ‘taking free rides’, the campaign celebrates that uniqueness by calling it ‘Numero Uno at Freerideism’.

The campaign does have an interesting idea, but the digital strategy is quite out of fashion.

As of now Numero Uno’s digital strategy for the ongoing campaign is about posting images from the campaign on Facebook and Twitter (YouTube channel had some activity 2 years back). Find the latest update from the Facebook page which is simply asking to pick your favourite denims from the store with the portal link.


The motive is to drive sales but will you buy? Why not push a small creative effort, maybe match the denims with other required accessories and now tell the youth how cool it is. Chances to click the link might be more. For comparison, see the way Myntra styles up its content on Facebook.

Myntra Facebook

On Twitter the brand can initiate conversations around the Numero Uno expressions and get people talking about the campaign. May be rope in a fashion blogger and get some styling tips with denims in the form of video content. This will also bring alive their YouTube channel.

For all this to work and gain attention from youth, Numero Uno will need to define its objective led by a strong digital strategy. At the moment it is missing on one, and could do better with a strong digital strategy.