Nukkad - Localized Chatter And More

Review of the Nukkad app that provides localized content with a social twist


Nukkad is an Indian concept of a place where people gather and chat around with topics relating from Government’s corruption to Indian sports nightmares. Now, take this concept to mobile and add a social context to it and you get an app which integrates intelligent features of chatter, social and shopping. The concept of SoLoMo is not foreign to the mobile world, but is not that popularized yet in India.

With Nukkad, you can create your own mini social network with people on similar interests/locations on mobile. The application can be accessed via your Facebook login (When will apps start having Twitter Sign ups as well?) and is divided into five different aspects:


People Around: With People Around, you can chat and make friends with unknown/known acquaintances around your location. The app does consume your location based (GPS) services which has an impact on your battery life. The section will be a great addition once we have more people using it and can be used as an interest based targeting to refine people’s choices based on their interests (I would love to chat with a person who is having the same affinities as me rather than a complete stranger altogether).

Buzz Around: Buzz Around smartly aggregates all the Twitter and Instagram feed around the location and is easy to navigate. This helps to get you updates and happenings from the places around you from people who are not necessarily on Nukkad.


However, some features which can also be added to this section to make it more robust are:

  • Composing a tweet from the app itself and hashtag monitoring can be a great value addition if I would want to carry out all my Twitter activities from the app itself.
  • A dialog box for every action on Instagram or Twitter (Liking a picture or retweeting etc.) becomes a bit irritating at times and can be done away with.

Stores Around: This section also provides a detailed list of stores around you which is one of the best features in the application in my opinion. So, I can choose to explore the best of the lot around me when I have ample time in my hands in a foreign city.

However, a maps feature could be handy which would help the users to locate the specific store when in an unknown territory along with a check-in feature. The check-in feature could leverage brands to initiate customer discounts and deals via the application. Taking cue from apps like DelightCircle can be a start. The checkin feature can then be utilized to evaluate brand affinity and likes of the app user and let the application decide the best offers for the user based out in that area.

So, if I am a techno geek and would like to check out electronic devices, Nukkad will showcase offers relevant to mobiles/laptops around the area I am in banking on the history of my check-ins. Writing recommendations for the stores around you also enables the users around to judge the store performance based on crowd-sourced reviews.

Offers: The Offers section now has nothing specific to boast of as there are not many deals on the app. The redirection after clicking on the offer to my browser was sub-optimal and could have been better if the navigation was within the app so as to avoid too many applications to run from to and fro. A ‘Claim’ feature within the app could be a lifesaver if I would want to claim and then redeem it in the outlet physically at a later stage.


GroupMe: You can also share your offer or resell your products to the application users setting up an expiry time (maximum of 3 hours). Uploading a picture of the product is also a great functionality within the app for users to check out the visuals within and consider your offer. With more users using the app, we can expect decent activity on this tab as time progresses.

The overall performance of the application wasn’t much of a hassle with the navigation and design being good enough for a noob user to jump on. I am sure the application has great potential to make an online Nukkad of sorts once it has that decent following across its community.

You can download the application on Google Play and let us know what you feel about it.