Now You Can Send Postcards Through Facebook Courtesy The Backpacker Co

The Backpacker Co, India’s first backpacker company allows you to send postcards through its Facebook application

Remember the times when we received postcards in the good old days from dear relatives on a holiday? We loved receiving postcards when we were kids and most of us would often brag about them at school before actually keeping them safe in our collection of travel postcards. So, how would you like it if somebody were to send you a postcard in the same old fashioned way?

The Backpacker Co - India’s first backpacker company that specializes in taking travellers on informal, informative and extremely fun trips around the world – has sought to bring back the charm of a postcard through a Facebook application. In this age of emails and Facebook, the company seeks to connect with travel junkies by sending them postcards. The campaign has been executed on social media by digital agency ‘Digital Latte‘.

The postcard can be created through a simple Facebook app that only needs your basic details like name, email and postal address.

You can then also give email or postal address of five of your friends and the app would send them postcards too. At the end, it provides options to Send or Invite your Facebook friends and also a Tweet button to share the app with your Twitter followers.

The Backpacker Co has extended this postcard gesture for its more than 3K  Twitter followers too. All they needed to do is tag their friends using the hashtag #Travel.

For a company that seeks to give ‘real’ travel experiences to its travellers, sending postcards through Facebook is a clever idea. A simple, elegant design combined with a user friendly interface makes the Facebook app just perfect. But, the one thing that did not work for me is the share and invite buttons at the end.

Although this is at company discretion, but the  Backpacker Co could have grown its Facebook community with this postcard app, by making it a ‘like’ one. Fans wouldn’t mind liking the page, if given a good incentive to do so, what do you think?