Now Order Your Wraps At Kaati Zone Facebook Page

Now Order Your Wraps At Kaati Zone Facebook Page

Yummy-Courtesy Kaati Zone

Facebook expansion in India is definitely driven by two factors, one that the amount of Indians spending time online is more and the other by innovative ideas that Indian businesses are bringing to Facebook. Kaati Zone, the quick service restaurant chain now lets you order your delicious wraps from its Facebook fan page. Kaati Zone which has 11 outlets in Bangalore has teamed up with AliveNow, SocialMediaManagement company for bringing this service to it’s fans. Today when Indian’s are most active on Facebook compared to any other network, this move really makes sense and the same was expressed by Advith Dhuddu, CEO of Alive Now:


“As individuals spend more time on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube, we thought why not give Kaati Zone fans the ability to order directly from Facebook instead of another website, that’s why we worked with Kaati Zone and launched this unique application.”

They say pictures say thousands of words and if those pictures are of food then surely they’ll say more than words. This is what you feel when you land on the Kaati Zone’s welcome page. The fan page which has 1662 fans till date has great potential to grow with the various innovative setions added to the fan page.

Order via FB: This is the app that lets you order your custom made wraps or other food items.The service is available presently in Bangalore and requires a minimum order of Rs. 125 to be placed. Some of the cool features that are sure to get eyeballs is the customizing your order and cash on delivery. What this means is that you can decide how your wrap would be dressed, also have an option of paying when it is delivered to you and at a time suggested by you. Now that’s what we call customer focused initiative!

‘With Order via FB’ app you have other sections such as ‘Menu‘-lists all the items available, ‘ROTD‘- the Roll off the day, ‘Locations’-all locations where you can find KaatiZOne and Feedback. One must appreciate the work of AliveNow that has made the fanpage quite juicy and drool-worthy. There is no doubt that the whole intiative is being liked by fans as Sumit Patodia, Sr. Marketing Manager with Kaati Zone expressed:

“The response has been great so far and fans have appreciated this proactive move from our end.We are also planning to have special deals only for our Facebook fans who order using this application.”

Brands need to be innovative in thinking how they can capture and engage fans for a longer period on Facebook. With particularly special deals for Facebook fans, KaatiZone is hiting the right chords, considering this engagement is leading to sales.

Source: afaqs