Nokia Lumia 1520 Promotes Through Social Storytelling: The Guy Who Lost His Girlfriend

For Nokia Lumia 1520 promotions, the brand has launched 'The Guy Who Lost His Girlfriend' campaign where a Spanish guy who has lost his Indian girlfriend, needs fans to give tips to win her back

Antonio, a Spanish expat living in India for the last three years is missing his Indian girlfriend, Yamini. The girl has deserted the poor guy who is clueless about what went wrong in the relationship. Antonio, who has been asking for suggestions on his Facebook page, has even created a handful of videos to help bring her back. In the videos, he does a series of things to win her back - he performs to a Bollywood number as well as recites a Hindi love poem dedicated to her. In one video he even plays with kids to show off his soft side and in another he cooks masala dosa for her.

In each of the videos, he is seen ‘reliving his memories’ of their days together on his bright yellow Nokia Lumia 1520. He watches a video of her cooking his favourite food, pizza, while he just stood there making fun of her cooking, and is then seeing struggling to make a masala dosa himself. The sweet attempts by Antonio is part of ‘The guy who lost his girlfriend’, a marketing campaign by the Finnish phone maker to promote the Lumia 1520.

Nokia Lumia 1520 to relive your memories

Taking the brand story of ‘reliving your memories’ on to social media, the campaign seeks to promote the phablet’s HD 1080p video recording, multi-directional audio capture with 4 speakers and 20 mp Pureview camera. While Antonio has been asking for tips to win her back, people who are suggesting helpful tips are winning from Nokia!

In this video, Antonio dances to a typical fast paced Bollywood number, complete with the towel between his legs:

Nokia has created a dedicated website for the campaign, that features the videos and how viewers can help through his Facebook page.


Antonio’s Facebook wall updates are interesting too:

Post by Antonio Antonio.

Post by Antonio Antonio.

Post by Antonio Antonio.

Nokia takes to social storytelling

For the Nokia Lumia 1020 launch last year, the brand had run a similar promotion through storytelling, only it was not a romantic story but a murder mystery one. Nokia made us into Zoom Agents who with the help of the high resolution zoom features of Lumia 1020 could investigate and solve the murder mysteries. While the campaign website displayed the pictures of the crime scene, one had to zoom into the photos from different evidence zones and figure out the clues to the crime. A differentiated marketing campaign that helped associate Lumia 1020 for its 41 mp camera and high resolution zoom.

“The guy who lost his girlfriend” has taken the social storytelling route further. Fans have been involved in the story and rewarded for giving cupid-like suggestions to the lovelorn Spanish guy. And all this through his Facebook profile page and being ‘friends’ with him! To add to this, it helps strengthen the brand story for Nokia Lumia 1520 as a smartphone to help you ‘capture and relive your memories”, apart from highlighting its core features - HD 1080p video recording, multi-directional audio capture with 4 speakers and 20 mp Pureview camera.

‘The guy who lost his girlfriend” is a smart, differentiated and an engaging social campaign competing for eyeballs in the high-end smartphone scene. How much of it translates into sales is not as significant compared to the recall value it has created for Lumia 1520.