Will Nokia’s #UniteFor #Love get the attention from the youth

Timed just before Diwali and Nokia 8 hitting stores in India, Nokia Mobile has launched a campaign targeting youngsters

Who is your best friend today? Undoubtedly it is your five-inch handheld device. You wake up with your smartphone and most of the times you go to bed with it. Today a smartphone has become a companion for everyone, across age groups. However a common perception is that the youth today is 24*7 hooked to their smartphones and has no time for others. HDFC Life highlighted a similar youngster perception in its latest ongoing campaign #YoungAndResponsible.

Nokia is another brand that is addressing the concerns of the youth in its latest campaign ‘Unite for love’. Launched right before the festival period Nokia is addressing millenials, how they are a connected breed which is driving the economy but at the same time they are thoughtful and concerned for their loved ones.

At the heart of the campaign there is a film, conceptualized by Dentsu One. The minute long video shows a beautiful relationship of a mother and a young son. Mother is upset, since his son spends almost all his time on phone (for work) and has very little time for her. Aware of the situation, the son keeps a gift box next to his mother’s bed. The following morning, the mother is excited to see a Diwali gift for her but is confused after finding her son’s phone in the box.

The son explains that he is giving his phone and himself for a day to her so that they both can enjoy the festival of Diwali together. The video ends with a message (This Diwali, give the best gift you can ever give. Yourself) and showcasing the latest Nokia smartphone collection.

The campaign has been extended on social media to reach out to the youth. Other than uploading the video on social networking sites, the brand has played with creative visuals.

Taking the creative visuals one-step forward, the brand has tied up with Neha Doodles. Sharing a cute doodle, Neha writes that this Diwali she plans to give her phone to mom for the entire day.

The brand has also tied up with a varied mix of influencers on social media for the ongoing campaign. For instance Bollywood actress Radhika Apte thinks that the best gift for her family is her time.


Same holds true for rapper Brodha V who has decided to gift his time this Diwali to his parents. There are a few more celebrities that the brand has roped in to get more eyeballs on social media.

This #Diwali let's do something special & yet keep it simple. In the rat race of life, let's make time for the people who matter the most. This Diwali, I am gifting my Appa and Amma, my time! #UniteFor #Love Nokia Mobile

โพสต์โดย Brodha V บน 3 ตุลาคม 2017

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and marketers do not want to lose out on this opportunity. Nokia, a brand that once represented mobile phones in the country and held a healthy market share, is trying hard to bring the magic back. The latest campaign timed around the festival period is also about Nokia 8 that is said to be hitting stores on October 14. Priced at 36k plus, the company is hoping that its 5.30 inch touch device will help it to better its market share.

Roping in a mix of celebrities to share their views on how they are going to unite with their family this Diwali is definitely going to get the attention of youth. The brand, however, could have invested more in crafting creative content around the campaign and could have involved the fans in an interesting user-generated activity around the ongoing theme #UnitFor #Love.

The messaging of the video touches the right chords but will you really stay away from your mobile for the entire day? Why give just one day, why not balance it out? But the bigger question for Nokia in India is - Will it be able to connect with today’s millenials and convince them to buy its devices, at a time when they are already spoiled with choices in the smartphone market?

It won’t be easy.