Nokia India’s One Minute Songstar Facebook Campaign Is Very Impressive

About the Nokia One Minute Songstar contest by Nokia India where users need to sing for a minute and can win Nokia Asha 305 and more.


Nokia India invites consumers to sing for a minute in the Nokia One Minute Songstar contest and win the Nokia Asha 305, Bluetooth headsets and an opportunity to feature their song in the Nokia Music Service.

Nokia Asha 305 from the newly created Asha Touch family of handsets tries to bridge the gap between feature phones and smartphones, while maintaining low prices. The dual SIM smartphone comes with super-fast music download and as per tests carried out in a few cites by Nokia, it takes just a minute to download a track from the Nokia Music Service.

Highlighting this one minute download feature, Nokia India has launched the ‘One Minute Songstar’ contest on Facebook for a duration of 6 weeks. Fans have been invited to sing a song for one minute in their own style and the song can become a downloadable track at the Nokia Music Store. In addition, there are 10 Nokia Asha 305 mobile phones and 34 Bluetooth headsets to be won too!

About the One Minute Songstar Facebook app

The contest, hosted on a Facebook app, has an appealing, youthful look about it. A click on the ‘Know more’ button takes you to the product link on the Nokia website, so you can know all about the phone.


The ‘Go for it’ button displays a list of 10 songs to select from or you can choose a song of your own. Next you need to upload a video or audio that you have recorded earlier.

A featured song is displayed beside other entries in the contest. You can also see the number of likes and shares these have recieved. Also, you can search a song by its title or the person singing.

How good is ‘One Minute Songstar’?

One Minute Songstar is bang on its target – the Facebooking youngsters who love their music and want it fast and low priced as well. Besides, product details can be found from the ‘know more’ link itself, which makes it even more convenient for the user.The campaign manages to position Nokia Asha 305 as the phone for them.

Crowdsourcing for logos, scripts, ad jingles and more seems to be the chosen path these days. Brands are including crowdsourcing in many variants to build a sense of ‘belongingness’ in the community. The Nokia One Minute Songstar campaign achieves this beautifully and also offers valuable incentives.

Besides, any campaign is sure to succeed if it fulfils two things: 1) Objective aligned with the message it wants to convey, and 2) Offers incentives related to the product and the community. And Nokia India manages to accomplish both with the Nokia One Minute Songstar.

The One Minute download message sits well and by giving away the same device as the prize and not an iPad, the cycle is complete. Besides, giving an opportunity to the community for having their own song to be part of the Nokia Music Service, adds that little icing on the campaign.

Apart from having a cool design, smooth functionality, clear set of Terms & Conditions and being well-tested for bugs, the Nokia One Minute Songstar has many aspects worth a mention:

Takes care of Copyright Violations: In an increasingly plagiarised digital space and the age of crowdsourcing, the last thing a brand would want is ‘copied’ content on its contests. The contest clearly states disqualification for copyright violation. Moreover, the entries will also be moderated.

Manner of judgement: After hearing bitter experiences of fans about vote rigging, app hacking and so on and so forth, I am always slightly critical of contests that are based on number of likes and shares. But, in this case, the judgement is based on creativity, originality, talent, fair participation as well as likes and shares.

However, the brand has missed a good opportunity to grow its relevant fan base by not having a mandatory ‘like’ for participation in this contest.

Nevertheless, I am quite impressed with the Nokia One Minute Songstar campaign, what about you?