Nivea Supports Mothers Fighting Adversity With This Beautiful #MomsTouch Initiative

Nivea's social initiative Mom's Touch has teamed up with Aseema Charitable Trust, to support mothers from marginalized communities, a video tells the story of extraordinary mothers

God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers. This wise saying is validated one more time in the ‘Stories of Extraordinary Mothers and Extaordinary Care’ brought forth by Nivea India’s social initiative, Mom’s touch.

The skin care brand launched the second leg of its social campaign, in association with Aseema Charitable Trust, an organization dedicated to provide quality education to children from marginalized communities. Mom’s Touch portrays the story of some extraordinary mothers who want the best future for their child, despite having faced adversities all throughout their own lives.

There’s Tamana’s mother, Shabana who wanted to study but was denied that opportunity in life. Today she works hard so that her daughter can get an education. There’s the story of Swati, a security guard who toils for 12 hours straight so that her son Vishal can go to school. There’s the story of Naseem, mother of Aaliya and Soliya, who wants both her daughters to not miss on their education, like she had due to an early marriage.

Watch Mom’s Touch – Stories of Extraordinary Mothers, where these kids talk about the sacrifices made by their moms to send them to school every day:

A mobile version of this digital film has also been made available for download. The film has clocked over 800K views within one week of being uploaded on Nivea India YouTube channel.

People can also join in the noble cause either by sharing the video on their social networks or by direct donations to the charitable trust. Each time you share this film, Nivea will contribute 100 grams of rice. More details on the initiative can be found at the website.

Understandably, the tear-jerker of a film is receiving much appreciation on social media including some tweets by influencers. Shared below are a few viewer tweets:

Nivea India had launched the first leg of Mom’s Touch in 2014 with students from Mumbai’s Santa Cruz Municipal School who had 100% attendance in a semester. The mothers of selected students were presented with 3 month’s ration as a tribute to their efforts. The results were a positive one – the campaign led to a notable improvement in the students’ attendance and better participation of parents in the PTA meetings and community service workshops.

A meaningful cause meets great storytelling

Stories of mothers, stories of courage and determination work like magic in spreading a message. People love to share inspirational stories, as per studies on what content is shared the most on social networks. The Mom’s Touch video has all the right ingredients to go viral on the social web. It has adorable children and their determined mothers, hell bent on imparting them with the gift of education, something they were deprived of in their own lives.

Nivea has struck the right chord in this socially-driven age powered by video consumption and an incentive for social sharing. For a social initiative campaign to make buzz on digital, the Mom’s Touch digital film has everything - the concept, the cause, the feel good factor, the share-worthiness and the magic of mothers.

According to the website, 8,15,190 people have cared to help.