Nissan India Drives Engagement Through FriendsTrip On Facebook

A Facebook campaign review of Nissan India's Friendstrip where fans can win a day trip for their gang of friends on the Micra


Nissan is offering a day trip for fans and their friends on the Nissan Micra through the FriendsTrip Facebook contest and if you are lucky the Micra would have a chauffeur too!

Nissan is all set to conquer the Indian market that is saturated with other Japanese automakers like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. Ever since the launch of its small car Micra which saw good sales, India looks like a favourable market and the Japanese firm has been quick to leverage this.

In the season where consumers are being tempted to visit the showroom for a test drive, Nissan is offering fans a day’s trip on the Micra with friends, through the FriendsTrip Facebook contest. Fans have to upload a photo featuring themselves and their friends, tag their friends and spread it far and wide on Facebook and gather as many votes, shares,comments, likes as they can. They might just be the weekly winner of a FriendsTrip and a movie with their gang of friends.

Nissan FriendsTrip Facebook app

The contest is hosted on a neat little tabbed Facebook app with Upload, View, Leaderboard, Terms & Conditions and About. Do ‘like’ the Nissan Facebook page as the contest is open only to fans, though the app is accessible to non fans too.

As the names of the tabs suggest, you can upload your photo, view other entries as well as the top voted ones through the first 3 tabs. The T&Cs are fine but does not mention the contest end dates. About is the tab that explains the idea behind hosting FriendsTrip.

How cool is FriendsTrip?

Cars are a celebration of life, of progress and one of the many aspirations for consumers everywhere. And Facebook is a network for friends, family and fun. Together the two entities complement each other quite well. For me, FriendsTrip is an ingenious move to spread the feel of owning a Micra and having a good time along with friends, instead of the usual FBing them. Nissan has certainly nailed it again on Facebook engagement. That apart, the app is simple and provides for a smooth user experience.

Nissan seems to be a Facebook savvy brand. Earlier, we saw the brand create the world’s first Bollywood movie ‘New Star of India’ starring leading Bollywood actor, Ranbir Kapoor to endorse the Micra. The brand had launched an innovative Facebook campaign calling for auditions for New Star of India.

20 fans got a chance to star alongside Ranbir in the movie from amongst the thousands who had auditioned. You can see the final movie as well as the story of how it all started in the Facebook app. The 20 winners were chosen from the most highest votes received and some of Ranbir’s favourites. In addition, the campaign gave an opportunity for fans to co-produce the movie on Facebook.

I’m impressed with Nissan’s endeavours on Facebook, how about you?