Nishad Ramachandran On His Early Days In Kerala, Professional Growth And How Advertising Has Evolved Today

Nishad Ramachandran Head Digital at Hansa Cequity talks about his early days of growing up in Kerala, move to the advertising world and later to the digital world


“While I was still a traditional copywriter and doing print ads, I had realized quite early that Digital is the tsunami that is going to change the world,” shares Nishad Ramachandran, VP and Head Digital at Hansa Cequity while having an extended conversation with me at their Mumbai office.

Born in Kannur, the northern part of Kerala, Nishad is a veteran and has seen the digital shift happening in the country. With two decades of advertising and digital experience, he had joined Hansa Cequity last year as the digital head.

In this first part of the conversation series, Nishad talks about his early days and his move to the advertising world. He adds,” I was always a curious guy. My teacher used to always say this, for years I didn’t understand but when I joined advertising I realized that it was a great value to have in the job.”

Moving on, he also talks about his professional career which has been dominated by advertising. Then the shift to iContract and now to Hansa Cequity. His quest to find and have the new thing out in the market has also kept him going in his professional life. This curiosity led him to join iContract where he experienced some exciting digital work back in 2005-06.

Nishad also shares his views on how advertising has evolved over the last two decades. He added that, ” One of the huge challenge advertising has seen is the huge fragmentation and the opportunity is to be where the audience is. People are today on smartphones, tablets and on internet so even brands need to be there. So today advertising has moved to where people are.”

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