Nishad Ramachandran On Why Hansa Cequity Has Built A Team Of 40 Plus Data Scientists [Video]

Nishad Ramachandran, Head Digital at Hansa Cequity talks about why the agency has a team of data scientists. He also talks about campaigns & content marketing

In the first part of the conversation video series with Nishad Ramachandran, VP and Head Digital at Hansa Cequity, we saw the guy from Kerala talking about his early days and his move to the advertising world. With over two decades of advertising and digital experience, Nishad spoke about his professional career growth and how advertising has evolved over the last two decades.

Watch the first part of the conversation here:

The second part of the conversation focuses on Hansa Cequity’s investment on building a team of data scientists and serving customers effectively.

“It is a big team of 40 people who sit down and work with data all the time. They understand data; they help clients with insights from the data. In fact many of the data guys have more knowledge about the client data than the client himself. So that is the power a company like Hansa Cequity brings to the market. ”

Moving further Nishad talks about some of the interesting work the agency has been able to execute in the first half of 2014. “If you have data, then you can push that data back into Facebook and do some wonderful work. For many clients we are trying to fuse transactional data which lies in the offline world and we are pushing that into Facebook with the required targeting. The efforts have been rewarding.”

Before winding up, he shares his thoughts on content marketing and about brands focusing on building their digital properties and owning them. “Building digital properties are great but they need to be integrated with social, otherwise you won’t fetch good results.”

To add, he cited a relevant example where the agency has built a mobile app which has integrated social actions and rewards users for their social and offline activities.

Watch the second part of the video to listen to some more exciting thoughts from Nishad Ramachandran on data analytics: