Nike Revolution In Motion, Should Facebook Worry About People Sharing Less

Global digital campaigns - Facebook says it’s not worried about the level of sharing from everyday users, Nike is running “Revolution in Motion”, TVC celebrating the vigorous training regimen of notable athletes, and more

Why the Financial Times still believes in comment sections: In times of belt-tightening, the Financial Times is making more data-informed decisions around audience development. For this reason, it is improving its approach to comments and commenters on site.

NBC Sports to leverage Periscope’s GoPro integration for Kentucky Derby coverage: For the first time this year, NBC will be strategically placing GoPro cameras around Churchill Downs, and fans will be able to stream the unique feeds via the @NBCSN Twitter and Periscope accounts.

The digital strategy driving Gucci’s growth: The brand is demonstrating that an unwavering point of view, aesthetic and aspirational story is more critical than ever — especially as other fashion houses appear to stumble, shifting the way collections are shown, ditching creative directors, and streamlining categories to condense.

Should Facebook worry about people sharing less? Facebook says it’s not worried about the level of sharing from everyday users of the social network, but with a rival like Snapchat surging, the threat to its empire is real. The sharing question has emerged as one of the few potential cracks in Facebook’s social media dominance, and there have been some concerns that people are starting to use Facebook more like they use Twitter — passively consuming content instead of creating new material.

Target and Lancome Produce Snapchat’s First Ecommerce Ads: After slowly testing more interactive ads in recent months, Snapchat is open for ecommerce. Lancome and Target started running shoppable ads today within Cosmopolitan’s Discover channel—the hub of the app where media brands publish daily stories.

Braille Bricks: Braille Bricks is an experimental literacy tool and inclusion project, being used by the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind, designed by creatives at Brazil advertising agency Lew’Lara\TBWA. The initiative was made into a mini documentary showing children’s real reactions and invites the public to use the hashtag #BrailleBricksForAll.

Paramount Channel Actors: Paramount Channel Latin America is running “Actors” (Actors), a campaign celebrating the dramatic skills associated with both everyday life and the worlds created in Hollywood studios. The campaign reminds us that we live in a world full of actors. Men who pretend to know about wine, football players who simulates fouls, or women who fake orgasms.

Nike Revolution in Motion: Nike is running “Revolution in Motion”, a commercial celebrating the vigorous training regimen of notable athletes across the sporting spectrum, with a focus on the Nike Free shoe. The film features twelve athletes from the Nike roster