NIIT Invites Indians To #Wish4Vishy For The World Chess Championship 2013

IT trainers NIIT Ltd has launched a unique initiative to enable Indians to cheer for Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand via “#Wish4Vishy that has a microsite along with Facebook, Twitter and instagram.


The World Chess Championship 2013 is here. The Grandmaster and five-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand will defend his World Championship title against chess champion Magnus Carlsen in the games to be held from November 9 to 28 in Chennai.

And NIIT Ltd - the IT training institute associated with Anand since 15 years now - has launched a unique initiative to enable every Indian to cheer for our champion “#Wish4Vishy”. Through the initiative, one can wish Viswanathan, popularly nicknamed as ‘Vishy’, via an array of online tools – a centralised microsite and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The best entries stand a chance to win free tickets for the World Chess Championship 2013!

Wish4Vishy on social

Although we invented chess, ironically it is cricket that we are fond of, a game invented by the British. So it is a refreshing change to see scores of wishes pouring in for the Grandmaster. The informative microsite combines wishes from everywhere as well as the ones made on the site itself.


A stream each of the initiative’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages make up the bottom half. The right pane displays all the wishes and you can also add yours through the specific social links. In addition, you can also share your wish for Vishy along with your name, email and phone number.

On Facebook, the buzz was being created as early as mid October, when fans were braced for the upcoming initiative. The page saw a brand new cover photo and many updates inviting the more than 250K strong Facebook community to send in their wishes through the microsite and also use the hashtag #Wish4Vishy. The wall has also been sharing interesting facts about chess and the GrandMaster. Besides, the Facebook page houses an app of the same name and function as the microsite.

The Twitter handle (@wish4vishy) is a dedicated page for the initiative, that has largely shared about the initiative and facts about Anand. The stream of user tweets with the hashtag ‘#Wish4Vishy‘ speak volumes. Here are a few interesting tweets:

The Instagram stream looks interesting. #Wish4Vishy sees more than 49 wishes made so far on the photo sharing mobile network.

Youth bonding and brand association

The simple wishing campaign is promotional as well as an engaging one with relevant incentives. Reaching out to social savvy youngsters through the medium of social media helps NIIT in not only positioning itself as a youth brand but also to strengthen its association with chess and IT training. What stands out, however, is the use of an emerging platform like Instagram, along with the more popular Facebook and Twitter. The photo-sharing network is a smart addition, one that reflects the choice of the mobile-first generation.

Moreover, #Wish4Vishy helps boost the NIIT MindChampions’ Academy (MCA), a not-for-profit joint initiative by Anand and NIIT with the objective of promoting chess in schools to enable development of young minds. Overall, its an interesting campaign backed with a sound objective.

So, have you joined the #Wish4Vishy initiative yet?