Nicorette India Calls Indians To Quit Smoking Via Facebook

Nicorette India Calls Indians To Quit Smoking Via Facebook

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According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2009-2010, India has 120 million smokers and I am one of them. The coolness of smoking is tested whenever you have to walk fast or climb stairs. The thought of quitting is not so strong as compared to the happy intake of nicotine. However Nicorette, the global leader in providing smoking cessation products which was launched in India by Johnson and Johnson Ltd, in December 2010 has come up with a visionary thought process of helping people like us. Nicorette India launched Nicorette Support Facebook app on the eve of Independence day (15/08/2021) for helping 25 plus million Facebook Indian fans to quit smoking.

The app loads on your Facebook page after asking you few basic questions such as your required details, whom are you pledging for, is it you or your friends and what is the date of the pledge. Once all these details are filled, a personalized page is created for the user similar to the screen shot added. I have taken the pledge for myself and the page gives me lot of details. The page tracks my regular process of quitting, temptations and presents me a tracking graph to compare why, where and when my temptations got alive. This is similar to the health charts that we are presented by gym instructors. Support of family and friends is quite important so you can invite your near and dear ones to motivate you. Nominate, is a section where you can call your smoking community and motivate them to do the same. Smoke Free Zone is an informative zone that talks about helpful tips, myths, etc. to keep you motivated in your journey.

Nicorette’s presence on Facebook is not new but this is the first of its kind of an app. As a brand Nicorette is reaching out to its Indian customers on Facebook and helping them to get rid of a big problem. The app is a complete support system for a smoker who wants to quit as expressed by Gautam Suri, General Marketing Manager, Consumer Division, Johnson and Johnson Ltd,

“Nicorette is not just a nicotine gum but a complete infrastructure and support system for smokers trying to overcome their addiction. With more than 46 percent of smokers intending to quit due to health hazards as per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey of India in 2009-10, Nicorette will play a critical role by helping consumers in the journey to quit.”


One may doubt the usefulness of the app since smokers are aware of the repercussion but Nicorette is not only spreading the word for its product, it is also tracking your process, giving the much needed psychological support and make it an exciting social initiative. I like the way Nicorette has thought different instead of the regular likes, coupons, etc. I am giving a try to quit smoking, are you still taking a puff?