NGO Enfold And Students Of Shristi School of Art Create Videos On Child Sexual Abuse

For World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Harassment of Women and Children, NGO Enfold teams up with students from Shristi School of Art to create videos on Child Sexual Abuse


On the occasion of ‘World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Harassment of Women and Children’, an NGO has chosen social media to spread awareness. Instead of going about the usual way and reaching out to parents and other entities in the society, this NGO has partnered with children to bring about an open dialogue within the family on child sexual abuse.

Bangalore-based NGO, Enfold Proactive Health Trust that works towards the emotional wellbeing of children, has joined hands with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology to create a series of films, written and conceptualized by students to bring to the fore issues related to sexual abuse.

The idea is to have children speak up for themselves. Children are reaching out to parents themselves and asking them to change their attitude towards sexual abuse, thereby setting an example for other children to be as vocal about such a topic with their family and the society.

Here are a couple of videos created by students of Srishti:

As can be seen, the YouTube videos have been uploaded from individual accounts and do not add on to the NGO. These could be made ‘share-worthy’ if uploaded from Enfold’s YouTube page. However, the NGO has an active Facebook page. The Facebook wall of Enfold has been sharing updates about its Bystander campaign - an awareness campaign on the role of the bystander in preventing child abuse. These videos have been shared on the wall too.

For an issue as acute as child sexual abuse that needs to be tackled with a behavioral change in the society, this is an effective move. Children can speak better with children and encourage them as well as elders bringing about an open dialogue about abuse. The campaign is a refreshing change from when NGOs highlighted the plight of children suffering from sexual abuse to a time when they co-create communication which speaks directly to their peers.

I hope parents stop hushing up their children and listen to what they want to say. Please watch and share the videos.