NFDC India Creating A Buzz On Social Media

About NFDC India creating buzz on social media and connecting fans who love off beat and regional movies.

How many of us have grown watching the classic Bollywood comedy cult film – “Jane Bhi Do Yaroo.” I am sure that there would be some smiling faces remembering the scenes of the epic movie. Kundan Shah directed the classic which was produced by National Film Development Corporation (NFDC). Over the years, NFDC had an opportunity to work with many acclaimed filmmakers of India such as Satyajit Ray, Mira Nair, Aparna Sen, Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani, etc.

In a bid to do the same in today’s times NFDC is co-producing path breaking movies, organizing Film Bazaar India- a co-production and distribution market for the South Asian region alongside the International Film Festival of India, Goa. The film corporation hopes to foster the excellence in cinema and encourage other films that are being made in various Indian languages. To achieve this mission NFDC has jumped onto the social media bandwagon and crafted a vibrant presence just like its movies, on networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

NFDC India social media presence

The Facebook page of NFDC that has achieved more than 53K fans (at the time of writing this) is a delight to the eyes. In one glimpse, the cover page and the latest updates tell the story about the upcoming new movie that it has produced and which is supposed to be out soon - Gangoobai.

Content plays a pivotal role in the movies of NFDC and that is being reflected on the Facebook page. The updates talk about the latest movies that would be launched. Along with that the page is also sharing interesting facts of the well known directors that have been associated with NFDC and updates from different events that NFDC is a part of. In short, it offers a complete delight for a fan to follow a page that appreciates off-beat movies and their contributions.

The YouTube brand channel NFDCCinemasofIndia, which was launched in the beginning of last year, has got more than 707 subscribers and 131K video views. The content has a mixture of exclusive content and interesting content from movies such as “Jane Bhi Do Yaroo.”

Production houses should be investing more than individual movies on social media if they really want to benefit in a longer run. NFDC has chosen a right path and with small tweaks it can create a benchmark for the entire Indian film industry on how they should be using social media and carve their way forward.