#AdtechIN Are We Seeing New Rules For Content Monetization?

An AdTech Delhi 2016 panel discusses about the new rules of content creation and how monetization is being made possible

Are there any new rules for content monetization at a time when every marketer wants to do content marketing? Travelling from Pune for the first time to AdTech Delhi 2016, I was quite interested in attending the panel discussion. For a panel comprising industry players from online streaming to smartphone producers to a healthcare insurance provider, content discussions were sure to create some fireworks.

Have you ever wondered how a bank whose only job is to drive card acquisitions will associate itself? Sitting in the panel Nikhil Rastogi Head Marketing from Citibank took over the discussion after Karthik commenced it to find out the new rules of content creation and how monetization is being made possible.

Citing an example Nikhil shared that travel, dining and shopping are the focus areas that the TG associates with and therefore the focus for creating content lies in these areas. “When customers are out dining their thinking process starts from sites like Zomato and we collaborate with a lot of people who write at Zomato. Next we work with dining partners to provide offers and deals right on Zomato. Taking the dinning experience further we also let Citi customers to book table reservations and when they’ve enjoyed a lovely meal we also have tie ups with a Uber/Ola to end the dining cycle.”

In fact this is not the last part, after a good meal the customer lands up on Zomato to share their experience. “We are trying to effectively use content creators to bridge the gap between content and commerce.”

Saavn - the online streaming site that right now witnesses 92% of traffic from mobile - is trying to bring a mix of native and traditional advertisement. All this is happening while the user is on the go and enjoying her music, informed Mahesh Narayanan, Global Chief Operating Officer at Saavn.

Content co-creation has been the choice of brands since last year and Motorola India has been one of the brands that is following the trend. To provide product experience, the smartphone company ran an on-ground activation campaign Motobus that not only gave product experience but also had bands playing on the top providing entertainment to offline users. This was also integrated with digital, Rachna Lather Marketing Head at Motorola informed.

Motorola is also working on creating a content platform like Godrej Interio is doing. Bedraj Tripathi, AVP Marketing Godrej Interio shared that the company will allow users to develop entire models in 3D by their own. “It is a thing we are trying and kept it free but when you try to involve our designer there is a fee to it.”

But content has its own challenges and the biggest one emerges when you are trying to hunt for niche content providers. Anika Agarwal, Head Marketing, Max Bupa shared that for her abundance of free content on the Internet is a challenge. “For us credible, contextual and personalized content works. However the struggle is to get attention from niche content creators. Our market needs less and more credible content as we are dealing in a market like health insurance.”

The panel ended on a note that was in the form of an answer to a question on ethical content creation. “Leave the ethics since beyond a point you can’t control. However relevant content will get consumed and paid.”

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