New Infograph Of The Indian Digital Face

New Infograph of the Indian Digital Face

Internet and the Social Media space are catching up very fast in Asia. More and more people and brands are embracing social media as from being a ‘want’, its turning into a ‘need’. To elaborate the rising trends in India, we got this insightful info-graphic created by Genesis Burson-Marsteller, a public relations and public affairs consulting firm.

The Indian Digital Face


1. 8.2% of Indians use Internet which is really a small number in comparison to the population we have. Infrastructure, cheap and fast internet, etc. are still a dream in India. The government should learn from our Asian counterparts about how they are investing in the internet infrastructure.

2. Facebook in India stands at the top in terms of social media channels and website (% Reach). Orkut is still hanging in there but the question that has been asked always is how many users are really active on it? YouTube’s share might go up more in the coming months due to the latest move of showcasing free Bollywood movies.

3. Blogger having 29.1% of reach gives an answer to those people who think that it’s going to be dead in this era of social media. Undoubtedly, blogging has evolved in various forms but the essence of blogging is here to stay and with recent revamp in Blogspot, WordPress will have some tough competition. But the question is – why did Google wait for so long to revamp Blogger?

4. Although mainstream media still has the biggest viewership in India, there will be a shift if the mainstream media doesn’t accept social media seriously. #mumbaiblasts was one such lost opportunity.

What do you think about the info-graphic? We think that all these figures would change in the coming months given the way Google Plus and LinkedIn India are spreading their arms.

Source: Genesis Burson-Marsteller