Nethaat Building Its Presence On Social Media

Nethaat Building Its Presence On Social Media

The Founders of Nethaat

As a kid I had always seen my mother buying weekly vegetables from the ‘Haat’ every Tuesday. Quality and good bargain were her justifications to go to the ‘Haat’. Today when we are covered within concrete structures, the Haat’s are now more or less dead. ‘Haat’ is an Indian local term for a market place where sellers and buyers gather together to buy and sell household items. Fortunately Nethaat is reviving the tradition again. Nethaat, a brainchild of Roshan Agarwal and Rakesh Sonava is an online portal for buyers and sellers to showcase handmade items. Nethaat has not only brought in the traditional perspective but also embraced Social Media with open arms. Amazing presence on Facebook, a regularly updated blog, great presence on Twitter and innovative videos on Youtube definitely makes for an interesting Social Media case study.

Social Media Presence

Website: Nethaat has a clean, amazing website and a well- defined social media presence. Nethaat has used the sharing button too on each item which is very much required to spread the word. Great work Nethaat, though a little more initiative in social media will bring in traffic to your website.


  • The social media icons are displayed on the website but are placed right at the bottom of the webpage. Don’t you think if you keep them on the top corner, it would increase visibility?
  • Incorporating  recognized commenting platforms such as Facebook comments or Disqus can be a great idea. People can express their views and engage more people when views are shared across networks.

Blog: It’s great to see that Nethaat has a blog which is active. The Blog has regular posts informing readers about different forms of art and designs. This is a great way of providing content to readers. For e.g. Nethaat posted a recent post on Tapestry which is a fabric art from the west. Nethaat has used widgets rationally and neatly placed it along the blog. Social sharing buttons on the blog posts have been neatly displayed that leaves us to say one thing - write more, bring variety in content and keep growing the blog.

Facebook: Nethaat already has 313 fans which speaks a lot about its Facebook efforts. A well designed display picture and landing page is the first thing you see before you like the page. The page provides all information to motivate one to Like it. The wall is a visual delight with constant updates and interactions with fans. The links provided by Nethaat are diverse and very well appreciated by the fans as seen in this thread.

Facebook Engagement of Nethaat

Nethaat is using Facebook to showcase the talent of the sellers but few enhancements are required.


  • The welcome page is informative but making it more beautiful by embedding pictures of new designs will be a great idea. Embed your Nethaat video too which will tell your story to people and motivate them to like you.
  • Variety in content or links is a must. For e.g. Nethaat can share stories and sellers details so that fans can find a connection with them.
  • Using Discussion and Questions app will bring in variety on the Facebook page.
  • Engaging with fans actively to get view points on what they would like on the shop or getting feedback will be appreciated.
  • Appreciating your fans on weekly or monthly basis as ‘Fan of the Week or Month’ will make the fans really proud to be a part of the fan page.

Twitter: Nethaat is making a decent effort to play with 140 characters that needs to be appreciated. With 151 followers, Nethaat is engaging well by sharing it’s content and also sharing content of others which is a great effort. The Twitter page needs more efforts to make it a flourishing one.


  • Twitter needs constant work unlike other social networks. So use it more and see the results. Use Twoolr or Klout to measure your performance on Twitter.
  • Connect to like-minded people on Twitter and you can use apps such as Twellow, Friendlynx, etc.
  • Talk to your followers and engage them in normal discussions.
  • Share your content but also make a point to share resourceful articles of others that could be beneficial for your community and recommend people on Twitter.

Youtube: Nethaat has a brand channel on Youtube with a small collection of amazing videos. The videos are quite interesting that talk about what Nethaat is in different international languages such as Spanish, Korean, German, etc. This is a great way of promoting the brand globally. Nethaat should upload more such content on Youtube to drive more traffic to their website. Giving the same look and feel to Youtube  as that of its brand image could prove beneficial.

[youtube iSTl2vJ-qG0 450,300]

With a mighty presence on multiple social networks that demands lot of hard work and continuous engagement, we can say that Nethaat is doing brilliantly.