Netflix India adds a desi twist to its content marketing strategy for Narcos Season 3

Narcos season 3 is streaming on Netflix and the brand has created interesting content to get Indian fans excited about the popular crime drama web series

“The first hit was hard, the next one is going to be harder.” Late August, the streaming and video on demand Entertainment Company Netflix posted this message to its Indian fans who’ve been desperately waiting for the new season of Narcos.

Narcos (American crime drama web television series) season 1 and 2 was the making of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, the drug empire that he built and how it all came crashing down. With Pablo and his men gone, what would the new season be all about?

Is Pablo really dead or will the Colombian drug lord and narco terrorist reemerge. But the show is called Narcos and not Pablo. Rings a bell?

If you’ve watched season 2, you would realize how Escobar’s enemies ganged up together and started hitting him at the right places. The Cali Cartel not only killed Escobar’s men but also made sure it impacted the business of the Medellin Cartel. Eventually season two ended with the fall of Pablo’s Empire and the emergence of the Cali gentlemen to exponentially scale up the cocaine business.

With season 3 about to go live, Netflix India teamed with Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao to scale up the pre -promotions of the show. The brand launched an apt video titled “Life of a Narcos Fan.” The video was an exact depiction of a Narcos fan like me.

Season 3 is live now on Netflix and streaming for fans who are not just watching but watching it again. Weekends have got a new meaning now - Narcos and chill!

Simultaneously Netflix India intends to grow its base of viewers for the current season. While the show is popular among the digital-savvy youth, the brand wants to catch the attention of the television loving audience too.

The next promotional video had the desi touch while reaching out to a much wider audience. The video features yesteryear popular actresses of Indian television rightly tagged as the “Kaki Cartel”- a gang of ladies who have nothing else to do but are on a mission to save the society. The hilarious spoof video ends with a strong message – “Like the Cali Cartel, the Kaki Cartel had eyes and ears everywhere. Nothing stays a secret.”

Along with all the creative content floating on the social media platforms, the brand took the show engagement one step forward by launching a messenger bot of Agent Javier Peña. If you have watched the show you would know how desperate Peña was to bring down Escobar. But joining hands with Cali Cartel had its own consequences. So now Peña needs your support to bring down the Cali men.

The bot is smart and will engage you if you have liked the smart agent Peña.

This year Netflix plans to create 1000 hours of new original content shows. With a presence in 190 countries, Netflix is taking India quite seriously for the opportunity the country provides. Pretty soon the company would be launching original shows for India, but at the same time it is also bringing localized flavors for its international shows.

Narcos 3 is a brilliant example in which the internet streaming company has promoted its popular international series with localized flavors to get the fans talking on digital. Whether it is the promotional videos or the visual content, the brand has been a hit. Check the comments and the way the brand has been interacting with fans; other brands would be envious!

This isn’t the first time when Netflix India has gone to such lengths to promote an International show, House Of Cards new season promotions had similar flavours.

Netflix India surely gets content marketing and with Narcos 3 it has just scaled up the game. A great learning for other brands who are trying to decode content marketing for reaching out its relevant audience.