Nestlé First 1000 Days: Creating A Healthier Generation Using Facebook

Here we dig in to see what is Nestlé First 1000 Days and why this Facebook community is the most engaged one.


Here we dig in to see what is Nestlé First 1000 Days and why this Facebook community is the most engaged one.

I got to know about the Nestlé First 1000 Days Facebook community from the Social Bakers September report on the performance of Indian brands on Facebook. Nestlé First 1000 Days had topped the list of Facebook brands in terms of daily page engagement rate for the month of September, by giving a lead to an assorted list like  Shaadi, Greenpeace, Infosys, Pears, etc.

While there isn’t a magic formula for having a good engagement score, brands can always aspire to create an honest engagement with their community. Sometimes brands who topped this list were also the ones with a month-long campaign but when I visited the Nestlé First 1000 Days, I was stunned by what I saw. The community page is an active one marked with relevant discussions with parents and content is beautifully aligned with community goals. So, let’s explore!

The Concept:

The first 1000 days from a woman’s pregnancy to her child’s 2nd birthday are the most crucial period in a baby’s life. Mothers need to be educated about the right nutrition and care and that’s what seeded the site - ‘Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy‘. Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy, is an initiative of Nestlé in partnership with doctors to educate mothers on the importance of these first 1000 days in order to nurture a healthier generation. The campaign aims at generating awareness and educating them about right nutrition during this crucial period, which can have a direct impact on a child’s mental as well as physical ability to learn and grow.

The site has content divided into the different age group buckets like pregnancy, birth+, sitter, crawler, stander, walker, talker and toddler, with a range of topics covered under each of them. In addition, tools like Due date calendar, Baby names, Growth chart, Meal planner, etc. are also an excellent add-on.

However, the site is a static one and does not offer a two-way dialogue platform. And here is where the community page ‘Nestlé First 1000 Days’ on Facebook comes into action. The Facebook page launched this March, had started with a ‘First 1000 Days’ march in Mumbai, along with the Times Of India. The launch was marked by celebrity mothers, Konkona Sen Sharma, Tara Sharma and a few others including Maharashtra Health Minister, Suresh Shetty.

Engaging the Community:

Content is informative, simple to consume and rightly aligned with its objective. Besides, having doctors on the panel is reassuring especially when its your baby’s health concern that is being addressed. Content such as the below update builds a healthy conversation amongst the community where parents specially mothers share their methods. The page admin will then share a related article from the website that gives a detailed picture.


Content adheres to the expectations. Topics range from ‘Things to know about exercising during pregnancy’ to ‘Teaching healthy eating habits’ and ‘Understanding the emotional needs’. But, the noteworthy feature is the  page response. The page admin maintains a conversational tone along with responding to queries with resourceful links.

Ending thoughts:

The concept is a good one as with most Facebook community pages started by brands. Instead of saying how good your product is, you build a community of target consumers and get them involved in conversations, eventually building trust for your product. I’m impressed with what ‘Nestlé First 1000 Days’ is doing as the community is indeed resourceful and not a mouthpiece of the brand.

Besides, engagement is not about likes, comments and shares at the end. Real value is added through real conversations whereas most of the existing metrics for Facebook engagement rate do not factor in related conversations or focussed conversations. If you want to build and nurture a community for the long term, you need to create exclusive and helpful content  for them. You need to give them a solid incentive for being a part of your community. And Nestlé First 1000 Days seems to be doing that quite effectively. Fans are not only trusting the brand but are also seen helping other fans with their queries.

With a loyal set of brand advocates and an engaged community, the Nestlé First 1000 Days definitely scores in meeting its goals. What do you think?