Nestlé Alpino’s True Valentine Tales Crosses A Million Views

Premium chocolate brand Nestlé Alpino has launched a video campaign called 'True Valentine Tales'' the first video 'Puppy' has crossed a million views in 6 days



It’s the month of love and brands are yet again celebrating the occasion like they do every year. But, this one celebration of love is different. A premium chocolate brand has launched a video portraying the love story of Leena and Abhinav Saxena from Mumbai – a love story that grew by sharing a puppy! The said video called ‘True Valentine Tales – The Puppy’ has now crossed a million views on YouTube.

True Valentine Tales is part of a digital video campaign by Nestlé Alpino, Nestlé’s first premium chocolate brand to come to India. In the one-and-half minute video, the two describe how they met and fell in love over sharing a puppy with each other. Conceptualized by JWT India, the video story seeks to strengthen the brand’s proposition around ‘To love is to share’.

A real love story catches on in a socially connected space and Valentine’s Day acted as the catalyst here. Uploaded on the 10th of Feb 2014, the video has garnered over a million views – 1,059,928 to be precise, in the last six days.

The premium chocolate brand has leveraged social too for sharing Valentine tales with the community. The conversations have been around the brand’s central message – #ToLoveIsToShare. The Alpino India Facebook page has been inspiring its fans to find something to share everyday, so they can celebrate love every day with communication focused on ‘365 Days of Valentine’. Additionally, there’s a buzz on Twitter, where the brand has been asking users to share their Valentine tales.

Yesterday on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Nestlé Alpino joined hands with VH1 for Shades of love – a Valentine’s Day special show with a line up of love songs throughout the day. Interestingly, the themes matched with its ad campaigns set around puppy love, bedroom love, just out of the closet love, old school love and even no love.

For a premium chocolate brand, the video campaign works in line with its central message of sharing being equated to loving. And True Valentine Tales has found the right story in ‘Puppy’ to help bring out its message.