Analysing The Social Media Buzz Of The Nescafe India Ad #ItAllStarts

Analysing the social media conversations of the latest Nescafe India ad #ItAllStarts which talks about the struggle of a stammering comedian. The ad has 4M views.

More than a fortnight and the latest Nescafe India ad #ItAllStarts has crossed 4 million views. The latest ad is an effort from the country’s biggest foods company Nestle India to revamp the coffee brand Nescafe with a new packaging and a fresh ad theme – ‘It all starts with a Nescafe’, ET reported earlier this year. The creative agency McCann Erickson, Delhi had a clear mandate to rejuvenate the brand and make it more contemporary. Looks like the agency has delivered for the brand.

The 2 minute long ad portrays the story of a struggling stand up comedian who also stammers. The story starts with Hussain Dalal enacting as the main protagonist who shares his journey that starts with rejections. While the world rejected him as a comedian, he kept at it and turned his weakness into his strength. Friends, families started supporting him and laughed at his jokes.

Finally he makes it to the big stage as a stand up comedian and makes people laugh. The ad ends with the stand up comedian crediting his success to Nescafe  – “Thank god for coffee. It kept me go go going and kept you a a awake.” The video initially posted exclusively on social networks has earned good praise from the netizens and the honchos of the ad world.

Social media buzz of #ItAllStarts

Within a fortnight the video fetched more than 4 million views on YouTube and it is growing with every day. According to Unmetric, the social media brand monitoring product, the YouTube channel has seen a growth rate of 194% when compared to the other Food/Beverage YouTube Channel. From 5th Sept to 22nd Sept, the channel has got 3.8 million views and added 2,624 subscribers.

Nescafe India YT Channel Views and Subscribers

Unmetric further states that the ad #ItAllStarts is one of the all time top videos of the brand on its YouTube channel. The below screen grab shows the growth spike of the views.

NesCafe India ad views

Nescafe India had also shared the video on its Facebook page with its 22M fans. As per Unmetric the content shared on video is “Highly Engaged Post”. The Facebook post which had the ad embedded, has been shared by more than 25K people and liked by another 266K people. More than 6K people have commented on the post with most of them lauding the ad and its execution.

#ItAllStarts Twitter campaign

The ad that initially grew organically has been taken further with an interesting campaign on Twitter and running promoted Twitter trend #ItAllStarts. On Twitter, Nescafe India is asking it’s 15.6K followers to share stories of their resolve to be a part of the Nescafe Journeys: 50 Twitter stories of resolve.

The contest that is valid till 26th September 2014 has listed all details here. The campaign response from the tweets looks like it is catching up, just as it did with the ad.

Back to storytelling

Advertising in this digital age is changing, and thankfully for good. Product placement is taking a back seat and story telling is becoming the hero as it was in the good old days. We saw the same thing happening in the latest Airtel Smartphone Boss Ad which got the views and became the talk point.

The Nescafe ad connects with the audience showing how people can overcome their shortcomings if they decide to do so, like the stammering comedian in the ad did. Besides the new ad form is a major shift for a brand which always had Bollywood actresses and celebrities endorsing it; This is a brave move indeed.

The digital launch and tying up with a Twitter campaign that showcases resolve stories is a perfect extension of #ItAllStarts. From one story now the brand has thrown the ball in the court of its fans.

So what is your resolve story, share it with #ItAllStarts.

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at Lighthouse Insights.