You Cannot Simply Skip The New Nescafe Ad #ItAllStarts

After stuttering comedian, Nescafe gives us the story of a struggling cartoonist in the new 2015 ad film for #ItAllStarts campaign

Nescafe is on a roll. The instant coffee brand from Nestle is sure feeling the pulse of the millennial generation. Last year, it stole our hearts with its viral ad film featuring a stuttering comedian who turns his weakness into his biggest strength. The mandate for its agency McCann Erickson - to rejuvenate the brand and make it more contemporary – has been carried forward this year too, in the new ad for the #ItAllStarts campaign. Only this time, it’s a struggling cartoonist.

The ad film depicts the struggle of a cartoonist after losing his job at a newspaper. “Aaj kal newspapers mein cartoons kaun padtha hai”, his boss justifies while firing him. The dejected yet determined guy then returns home, his voice shares the many thoughts flying in his head while talking to his empty canvas.

He sees an ad in the newspaper in place of his cartoon the next day. He begins to wonder about what he will do now. Having spent most of his time sipping coffee and drawing cartoons, the emptiness begins to tug at him. He reminisces about how he used to go about finding inspiration for his cartoons, often at risk to himself.

After a sip of Nescafe, he realizes an important point - if the newspaper can be printed without the cartoon, then the cartoon can be published without the newspaper.

He puts up his cartoons on social media and finds instant positive response in likes, comments and shares. Soon his cartoons make their way to shoes, tissues, umbrellas and more. The voiceover at the end shares his life ka funda - Bas ek coffee lagao, Aur lag jao.

Uploaded on September 4, the ad film has already raked in more than 1.6 million views on Nescafe’s YouTube channel in four days. Like 2014, this ad too was shared exclusively with its Facebook fans. People seem to have genuinely warmed up to this ad as well, confessing to have not skipped it on YouTube while they could. Shared here are a few positive responses on Twitter:

Wooing Gen X

Nescafe is neatly pulling itself as the driver of passion amongst the millennial generation. #ItAllStarts with Nescafe has been portrayed well to establish that anything is possible with willpower, determination and a little cup of coffee…err Nescafe coffee to be precise. Its choice of offbeat professions like stand up comedy and cartooning is a smart plug to bond with Gen X, who are more keen towards exploring their passion and fighting against all odds to make their dreams come true.

The product placement is right there, embedded seamlessly within the story, to inspire the protagonist with an idea at the right time. And with a message too - Just have a cup of coffee, and keep going. A trend that falls completely in line with the campaign objective of making the brand more contemporary. Kudos to McCann Erickson and Nescafe!