Nerolac Paints Crowdsources For A New Jingle

Nerolac Paints and Talenthouse India are inviting entries for a new jingle through a Facebook contest

Nerolac Paints, one of the largest paint companies in India has launched a ‘jingle’ recreation contest in association with TalentHouse India, an online platform that provides opportunities for the creative community.

Ever since you were growing up, you knew it’s Nerolac Nerolac…when a jingle begins with Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho, deewaron ko jab sajaana ho”. And that’s the brand recall power of the jingle. But times have changed – now the consumer is younger and more conscious of the environment. So Nerolac has introduced a whole range of health and environment friendly paints for this young consumer and needs to recreate the popular jingle to reflect this change retaining the magic.

It has partnered with Talenthouse India, a leading place on the internet where creative people can participate in projects by leading artists or brands and get the opportunity to showcase their skills. The best jingle gets Rs. 1 lakh and 4 runners-up and the most voted entry would receive Rs.25,000 each.

Nerolac jingle

All the details for the jingle recreation contest are on the Facebook app ‘Kuch change karein, chalo tune badlein’. The contest is open exclusively to its fans, so ‘like’ the page before you can begin. The app is a comprehensive one – you can read all about the brand and its requirements for the new jingle and important contest rules.

You can download the audio file of the jingle and click on Participate when you are ready. A complete entry form with steps to participate, helpful tips, Terms & Conditions, etc. will welcome you. At the bottom is a form with 3 tabs: Upload, Complete profile and Build audience that help you do those.

How does this help Nerolac?

Nerolac could have gone to the best of the agencies as it has done in the past. But why not go to the consumers in its stead. A lot many brands have already embraced this new phenomenon called crowd-sourcing, where brands are inviting their consumers to participate either in the way of a logo redesign, Diwali package design or a new TVC.

Apart from being cost-effective, crowdsourcing has other benefits too:

1. Let your consumers ‘own’ you: It is the best approach a brand can adopt to build a sense of ‘belongingness’ in its community. By letting your users ‘own’ a part of the brand, you instil a little bonding in them every time you ask for an ad jingle or a complete TVC.

2. Come across as a ‘social’ brand: Gone are the days when a brand was looked upon as a ‘social’ brand if it interacted with its consumers on social media. Now is the age when brands have evolved to take social integration far beyond. Fans are being given a strong incentive to be a part of the community.

3. Connect with the next generation: If a brand needs to connect with the younger consumers, it has to be on social media. This is especially true for the brands that have been around since our parents’ times! And a crowdsourcing contest creates the required pull for the young and the restless.

4. Create a social buzz: With the voting system on Facebook, such contests spread through networks. This could increase online visibility which would be an added expense for the brand had it wished to create buzz for its jingle recreation contest through other mediums.

So if you are a lyricist or a music composer or somebody with a jingle-making quality, then go ahead and put in your entry before the 17th of August.