Nerolac Paints Creates Big Umbrella Buzz For Its New TVC. Facebook App Fails To Work

Review of Nerolac paints social media promotions for its new weather defense Nerolac Excel paint, where a funny ad starring brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan has been released

The festive season is round the corner. Soon all parts of the country will get into a festive frenzy shopping mode, including giving their homes a new coating of paint. Paint companies like Nerolac Paints are even giving us compelling reasons to do so with giant umbrellas and all. Yes, you read that right.

The paint company is out with its Nerolac Excel Total exterior paint which has a unique weather defence formula, as claimed by the company and houses that aren’t protected by this new paint will need to install very big umbrellas above their roofs!

Here’s the TVC starring brand ambassador and Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan and you will see the mystery behind the giant umbrella:

Creating the big umbrella buzz on social

Bringing the point across using a larger than life umbrella, does call for a similar social media buzz in the online world. The ad film was shared exclusively with Facebook fans, prior to being released on television, as is the reigning trend. In fact, the page admin shared a bunch of teasers a week ahead of the on air release.

Beginning with updates that told fans something big is on its way, the page soon shared pictures of the giant umbrella, asking fans to register for the exclusive preview and also invite their friends. Then followed short teaser videos arousing curiosity for the big umbrella being carried across the town.

Big umbrella FB update

Fans were asked to register on a Facebook app to know about the better alternative to the big umbrella. Eventually the film was released on the 1st of August as a YouTube share and also within the app.

Now the page is up with a contest hosted on a Facebook app ‘Nerolac Excel - Smart Alternative’. Fans need to watch the new ad, share it with their friends and make sure that they watch it, to be on the top of the list for winning cool ‪SRK‬ merchandise. However, I failed to understand how the app works, as something weird happens after liking the page - it displays a group of people under ‘Your score sheet’.

I can’t see where to invite my friends to watch the ad, and how is the contest being tracked!


Similar updates were also shared on the Nerolac Twitter page, leading one to the Facebook page to know the mystery behind the big umbrella.

Could it be better?

A funny ad that is sure to create a brand recall for Nerolac when you go paint shopping next, however, the buzz creation on social media could have been executed better. The contest Facebook app should have been tested prior to deployment; it takes too long to load after you deliberately ‘like’ the page and then leads to a wrong page. Right now it leaves me with a bad taste even though I do not look forward to winning SRK merchandise. (The app has been tested on Firefox, Chrome and IE10 over the last two days).

Besides, the new paint could have created some funny waves on Twitter with the ‘big umbrella’; probably inviting Twitter users to share what they would do with a big umbrella or giving away incentives for witty answers shared at the time of launch teasers. Shah Rukh has a big fan following on the 140-character social network and could have boosted his 4.6 million followers for increased visibility, like he did for launching the new TVC of Frooti, the mango drink from Parle.

Hoping the situation is salvaged to bring in some real excitement on social that has been created by the TV ad.