Create Your Own Music, Get Votes And Fly To Thailand Courtesy NDTV Goodtimes

In promotion for NDTV Goodtimes new show 'The Kitchen Musical', the channel has launched a Facebook contest where fans can create their own music, get votes and win a holiday to Thailand


India’s first lifestyle channel, NDTV Goodtimes has brought the international show ‘The Kitchen Musical’ to Indian televisions this May. The channel has also launched a cool initiative to engage its social media community and also create buzz for the show. The campaign named ‘Get musical, get creative’ encourages fans to create their own music, using the tools provided on a Facebook app.

Designed in keeping with the unique theme of the show that revolves around drama, food and music, the campaign will have two winners based on votes. Two musically inclined people with the maximum votes stand a chance to visit Thailand with a holiday package from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Get Musical, Get Creative

Get musical, get creative has been hosted on a neat Facebook app at the NDTV Goodtimes Facebook page. Once you like and authenticate the app, you are welcomed inside. The app is divided into three parts: Get musical contest, Leaderboard and About the show.


Participate through the first tab by entering your mobile number and city; the smart app pulls up your name and email id itself. Select a track from the given 3 and then proceed to mix your own track with additional sounds from the kitchen. Yes, you can add various recorded sound clips from the given lot like blender, hammer, pouring, glass break, spray, bottle, gas fire, etc. Before adding, you can listen to each clip with the small play button.

Play it, pause it or clear all the additional clips. Also, you can remove any one clip by dragging it outside the track. Once you like what you hear, submit your track. The app will record and upload your track file onto the gallery.

Leaderboard is the place to vote for user entries. You can listen to the tracks and vote for them. The app also displays the votes and points earned by each participant. Beside your own entry, there is an option to invite friends. Remember that an additional bonus of 10 points can be gained if the friend invited by you participates in the contest!

‘About the show’ brings you more details of the show and the cast with pictures, videos, and more.

In addition to these activities on Facebook, the NDTV Goodtimes Twitter page has been running #TheKitchenMusical contest too. The Twitter account that has more than 11K followers has been running quiz contests with clues hidden within the TV show.

How cool is it?

It’s perfect! I had fun creating my own music by adding all the cool kitchen sounds. For a show targeted to the young, urban crowd that takes its lifestyle and choice of shows seriously, ‘Get Musical, Get Creative’ is just perfect. A cool concept that is well aligned to its objective at the same time. Apart from creating a fun engagement with fans, the app has managed to get them talking about the show too. Having a ‘like’ app that earns you bonus points for inviting friends and getting them to participate, has ensured maximum visibility for the app, and the show thereby. The Twitter contests also add onto the campaign.

Besides a neat design and layout, the app works like a charm. I created many tracks without any hurdles. Great concept, smooth execution and neat design creates a memorable user experience. The only thing that bothered me is the process of judgement based on votes, as this could bring in bias. The T&Cs do mention something like ‘editorial’ votes, but did not explain what that is though.

Go on, create your own kitchen music and fly off to Thailand if you can manage to garner the most votes. The contest is on till the 10th of June.