NDTV Good Times’ Calls For Swiss Made Dreams On Facebook Is Confusing

About the NDTV Good Times' Calls For Swiss Made Dreams TV show through a Facebook contest, where 6 winners will get a tailor-made Swiss vacation for free


A holiday in Switzerland is a dream come true for most Indians feasting alternatively on Yash Chopra movies. But now there’s a slight possibility that you could win a Swiss holiday that is tailor-made just for you. ‘Swiss made dreams’, a show that features on NDTV Good Times, offers a completely Swiss made holiday for you and your family.

An adventure in the Swiss Alps or a romantic time with cheese and chocolates, you could have it any way you want. All you have to do is log in to NDTV Good Times Facebook page and access the specially designed app, upload a video, leave a comment in the Shout Box and pray to Lady Luck.

About Swiss Made Dreams Facebook app

A user lands on the Home page of the app and needs to leave a message in the Shout Box, which is a Facebook comment, as to why she wants to go to Switzerland.


You can see a list of people registered for Swiss Made holidays scrolling away inside the cow.

In addition, you could click on the tab ‘Swiss Diaries’ to know more about others’ stories. On the left runs a slideshow of images, where you can see pictures of happy travellers fulfilling their Swiss dreams. The trivia of the day is displayed beside a series of short videos of past winners.

At the bottom is a Google Map of Switzerland.

How good is the app?

Although the app looks inviting and adorable, I’m completely confused about this contest in terms of how to participate and the end date. After glancing through the Terms & Conditions, I realised the contest end date was the 25th of August.

Besides, one of the Terms also states that automated lucky draws will be conducted amongst the participants who have submitted the best family photograph. I do not see how a contest that is supposedly over is still being promoted on the wall and where a user can upload photographs in the app!

Moreover, on the 30th of August, an update on the wall said, ‘Upload a video of yourself and your friend and tell us why you want to go to Switzerland. As far as I can see, there is no provision to upload a video on the app.

The app has missed out on giving away the ‘Steps to participate’ or I need to be severely enlightened by the makers of this campaign.

Ending thoughts:

I don’t see this campaign building much awareness either for the NDTV Good Times TV show ‘Swiss made dreams’ or for Tourism Switzerland. For starters, how about incorporating some favourite or must-visit destinations rather than the map?

A few weeks back, I was fortunate to review ‘Melbourne NOW’, a blogging contest arranged by Tourism Victoria in partnership with Indiblogger. Here, bloggers were invited to share about the places they would like to visit in Victoria and two bloggers would win a tailor-made vacation in Melbourne. Although similar in their incentive, this contest was well integrated with the objective of promoting the place.

As a campaign, ‘Swiss made dreams’ needs to be focused on its Facebook objective apart from having a wonderful incentive for its community. What do you think?