NBC and Facebook link for Olympics, Instagram to give users more comment control

Global digital news - Facebook is sending a team of staffers down to Rio de Janeiro to help NBC, Instagram is working to reduce the chances of a rude comment, and more

Instagram is about to give all of its users more comment control: So in its latest effort to keep the site clean and its burgeoning community happy, the company will soon roll out new tools that’ll let users switch on word and phrase filters to reduce the chances of a rude comment appearing in the discussion beneath their photo. It’ll also be possible to turn off comments altogether on a post-by-post basis.

China’s largest search engine, Baidu, struggles on earnings: In their Q2 2016 earnings report their net income dropped by 34% from the previous period. They still are very profitable, showing a net income of $363.2 million but that profit continues to drop quarter over quarter as the company sees more and more scrutiny over their search ad practices.

NBC and Facebook link for Olympics ‘social command center’: Facebook is sending a team of staffers down to Rio de Janeiro to help NBC take “social command” of the Olympics.

Lowe’s New 360-Degree Videos on Facebook Aim to Teach Fans Home Improvement Skills: The initiative, called Made in a Minute, launches today on the brand’s Facebook page and will run through August. The company is buying Facebook ads to push the effort, targeting people based on shown interest in home improvement or DIY projects. Lowe’s worked with its agency, BBDO, and Facebook to put together the project, which will entail two videos that act like GIFs.

Project Thumb Breaker: How one agency is pushing clients to edit video for Facebook: While it might seem that Facebook video is eating the world, many brands aren’t yet prepared. According to research by BBDO, 84 percent of the top 100 brands by number of Facebook fans don’t optimize their ad creative for Facebook by making it vertical, using the correct aspect ratios and subtitling it for silent viewing. Where there’s a problem, there’s a business opportunity. BBDO has kicked off what it calls Project Thumb Breaker to get the 36 clients of its New York office to make video Facebook ready.

With sponsored lens, Tiffany shifts its social focus to Snapchat: On Friday, in a snap posted by Kylie Jenner with her sister Kim Kardashian, Tiffany’s logo and signature robin’s egg blue appeared atop the photo and matching blue hearts dotted Jenner’s eyes. The selfie was a high-profile use of Tiffany’s first sponsored lens on the platform, part of the company’s biggest push on Snapchat yet.

Mercedes-Benz uses influencers to reach millennials: One big challenge for most luxury brands today is how to appeal to a younger demographic without losing the extravagant feel of the brand. For Mercedes-Benz, that means creating compelling content on social — especially collaborating with influencers — to amplify what the brand is and why millennials need a Mercedes-Benz.

Chick-fil-a History Icons Not Crazy: Chick-fil-A’s new ad campaign features six different history icons who became successful against all odds even though their ideas and inventions were considered “crazy” during their time. Six Chick-fil-a history icons are featured: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ludwig van Beethoven, Amelia Earhart, Michelangelo, and Susan B Anthony.