National Disaster Management Authority Using Social Media

National Disaster Management Authority Using Social Media

In recent times, the Indian government and its administrative departments have been embracing Social Media with both hands. National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA) of India has been the new entrant in the list. NDMA with a presence on Facebook and Twitter is  creating awareness about its disaster management measures, developments and rehabilitation initiatives.

With a community of 48 fans on Facebook and a decent number of followers on Twitter, NDMA is showing a promising growth. Displayed below is an example of good engagement on Facebook:

NDMA Facebook Engagement

We have pulled out a few great initiatives that is being done by NDMA to make its social journey more exciting.

  • The content being shared is being appreciated as NDMA is keeping its focus on its objective. NDMA needs to carry on this good work continuously.
  • Responding to fan’s is a must and NDMA is doing it with a lot of pride.
  • The logo remains same on both the social networks without creating much problem.
  • On Twitter, NDMA is connecting with people, sharing thoughts and also trying to create a dialogue. That’s what Twitter is all about –  Connecting, Building relationships and Sharing.
  • NDMA is trying to be real without doing any auto posting on social networks. This needs to be appreciated.
  • NDMA has different content for Facebook and Twitter which is a must. Keep that differentiation intact as both networks have their own purpose.

But along with the above, NDMA needs to work on more areas in order to have an engaging Social Media community.

  • Start discussions along with sharing information. Talk to your fans, ask them what they like on this page and what should be added.
  • Bring up new ways of community engagement on Facebook.
  • Appreciate Fans for their presence. In other words, make fans feel that NDMA respects their presence.
  • Build a landing page and make it colorful and informative  to attract users when they land on the page.
  • Use the complete display picture area (540*180) and make it informative.
  • Use apps such as Polls, Questions, etc. to create healthy discussions.
  • Embed videos that could be useful and informative to your fans in understanding NDMA’s efforts.
  • Place your social network buttons on the website too as it’s difficult to locate NDMA’s social presence.
  • Twitter needs more active presence and connecting with people. It would have been great if NDMA had shown active presence during #mumbaiblasts.
  • Finally track your social media activities. This would help you to understand what you are doing and what are the gaps to be filled.

We hope that our suggestions help NDMA build a better social media presence. Do experiment a lot as Social Media is all about experimenting. Do you have any suggestions to add in the list, then do let us know.