NatGeo India Creates Social Buzz For ‘Science Of Stupid’ With Illustrations, Comic Strips & The Stupid-O-Meter Challenge

For 'Science of Stupid promotions, NatGeo India has created a series of engaging activities along with Flying Cursor, using illustrations, comic strips and the stupid-o-meter challenge on Facebook

Renowned scientist and the author of Relativity, Albert Einstein once said “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Human stupidity is more common than the common cold and as unlikely to be eradicated altogether.

Nevertheless, a television channel is attempting to change this. National Geographic India will be airing a new show called Science Of Stupid from the 21st of July, 2014 weekdays at 9PM.​ Presented by actor Manish Paul, it shows you some of the stupidest scenarios resulting in hilarious accidents and explains the science behind it.

With the idea to dispel everyday science myths and pique the fan’s curiosity, the show has begun to leverage social media. Nat Geo India has teamed up with digital agency Flying Cursor for a series of engaging activities on social media. The community is being geared up with the help of relatable visuals and fun facts. Content being shared is not only interesting and topical but also looks at science in a fun way.

Communication is mostly visual. Illustrations showing stupidity in everyday life highlight the silly things that we commonly see, in a fun comic form. Besides, Bitstrip like comic strips featuring the host Manish Paul, show him doing stupid science stunts that cost him dearly.

There’s also the fun Stupid-O-Meter app on the Natgeo India Facebook page that checks your stupidity quotient. Multiple choice questions test your knowledge on “what do you need to do to stay upright on a bicycle on a treadmill?, what is the correct way of doing a Karate chop?, what should be your correct position when jumping on a pogo stick?” among other fitness related questions.

Results are instant. You know how stupid or smart you are, right after a click. The app then gives you the Stupid-O-Meter result which can be shared on Facebook to let your friends know.

Visual and fun engagement

With another week to go, NatGeo’s social media platforms have been creating adequate buzz on the new show and what to expect from it, with the help of creative and fun visuals. Also Natgeo India’s Twitter account has been driving its followers to the Facebook app, and sharing more or less the same content as its Facebook page, using the hashtag #ScienceofStupid.

For a show like ‘Science of Stupid’, the social media promotions are themed around a sound content strategy. In line with the fun show and its host Manish Paul, content designed for the promotional campaign is fun, illustrative and appealing to the youth. The use of comic strips featuring Manish and illustrations to highlight everyday stupidity is a good plug to get the viewers’ attention. The Stupid-O-Meter Facebook app further adds to fan engagement, while ensuring they tune in to the television channel on July 21st.

Science of Stupid has managed a relevant buzz on social, what are your views?