NatGeo Brings ‘Cesar To The Rescue’ To India, Invites Dogfies, Hosts A Woof-Up For The Winners

For the India launch of 'Cesar to the rescue', NatGeo hosted dogfie (selfie with your dog) contest, exclusive show screening for dogs and their owners with interactive games thrown in

Dogs are loving, faithful animals and man’s best friend too. Though these four-legged creatures bring on unconditional love, they are often difficult to understand, leave alone teach them good manners. With a little bit of expert help on television, dog owners could do great with their pets. National Geographic Channel is bringing its much-awaited show ‘Cesar to the Rescue’ to Indian audiences starting from the 30th of August 2014 at 8:30 pm.

‘Cesar to the Rescue’, as the name suggests, has world-renowned canine expert Cesar Milan visiting communities terrorised by ill-mannered dogs and resolving the problems they create with tricks and behavioural techniques. Episodes deal with dog rivalry, unruly behaviour, aggressiveness, etc.

For the India launch, National Geographic Channel in association with its digital agency Flying Cursor has come up with a bunch of social media promotions with focus on the dogs than their two-legged companions. There are goodies for the dogs, selfies with the dogs and an exclusive screening of the first episode of ‘Cesar to the Rescue’ for them as well as their human friends!

NatGeo arranged a selfie contest with a twist. It hosted the #PoseWithYourDog on Facebook and Twitter that required dog owners to upload their dogfies, i.e. selfies with dogs! Although every pet parent loves to click pictures with their dog, the twist in this selfie contest was in the rewards it has on offer. #PoseWithYourDog offered interesting rewards to dogs, not their two-legged companions.

A Facebook app ‘Pose with your dog contest’ was built on the NatGeo India Facebook page, where one could upload their ‘dogfies’ along with a caption. 1


One can see through the ‘Gallery’ section in the app, to browse through dogfies sent by dog parents, while ‘Treats’ displays the dog accessories to be won. Unsurprisingly, within a span of just 3 days, the Facebook app and Twitter feed buzzed with adorable dogfies, with around 160 entries on Facebook and over 180 entries on Twitter.

The best dogfies also got the chance to be guests at the special Woof-up – the exclusive premiere of ‘Cesar to the Rescue’ at Loca Loca in Mumbai, on August 23. Here, winners got the chance to walk in with their dogs and be treated to a menu specially designed to appease their taste buds. Apart from the screening of the show, the woof-up also had interactive fun games for dogs and their two-legged parents.

Bonding with dog lovers

The campaign has not only managed to reach out to the target audience – the dog loving communities in India, but also communicated the show’s respect for the bond between dogs and their owners. The launch and the premiere promotions could have been just another regular India launch for television shows with a contest and exclusive screening – but the focus on the dogs here is what stands out.

#PoseWithYourDog selfie contest is sure to appeal to dog lovers along with the brand giving away dog accessories for incentives. The exclusive show screening combined with a day of fun, specialized menu and games for them, only added to the experience, apart from creating awareness on what the show is all about.

NatGeo’s ‘Cesar to the Rescue’ has ensured a sizeable audience by tapping into relevant communities on social media and also connecting with them offline. Further, the show could bring in live interaction (perhaps through Twitter chat) between dog lovers and Cesar Milan for some expert advice on their dog issues.