Nat Geo India Brings The First Ever ‘Great Instagram Exchange’

In the run up to Nat Geo Moment Awards, Nat Geo India has announced the Great Instagram Exchange where instagrammers can find new people on the network


Photo sharing networks like Instagram are often the quickest ways to find new friends with similar interests. Having personally benefited by Instagram powered by its simple hashtags, I have found a bunch of people sharing about stuff I would like to know more about and these are Instagrammers from all over the world. These images from their lives give me a beautiful and varied glimpse of their world. So, how about a brand facilitating Instagram friendships?

Every year, National Geographic Channel India organizes the Nat Geo Moment Awards (NGMA), a massive online photography contest. This year, in the run up to NGMA, the channel and its digital partner Flying Cursor were looking for something big to do with Instagram.

Given that the photo sharing network is one of the fastest growing ways of showcasing life today, and that the contest theme this year is celebrating how everyone has a unique way of looking at the world, Instagram became the perfect medium to explore. Thus, emerged the need for the first ever ‘Great Instagram Exchange’ by Nat Geo India.

The Great Instagram Exchange

Simply put, it’s a not-so Secret Santa for Instagrammers! Through the ‘Great Instagram Exchange ‘, you can be assured of finding new people on Instagram, see some amazing new images and celebrate the way others look at the world.

nat geo instagram exchangeParticipation is very simple. You have to register at the ‘Nat Geo Moment awards’ website to submit your Instagram handle. Once done, you will be sent another participant’s Instagram handle via email while another registered Instagrammer will get yours on February 2.

And from here begins the fun. From February 2nd to 6th, you get to dedicate pictures to the handle assigned to you and show them how you look at the world through your Instagram pictures. Just tag the handle you receive in your caption along with the hashtag #GreatInstagramExchange.

As you share, simultaneously other similar exchanges will be active, setting off the most fun exchange program ever!

What’s great is that you can dedicate as many pictures as you want from Feb 2nd-6th. So, go ahead, submit your handle and get your friends to do the same.

Meanwhile, Nat Geo India has been bracing active Instagrammers via Twitter. A 2-hour chat was hosted on Twitter calling all Instagram junkies to talk about their favourite Twitter accounts and much more. Embedded below are a few tweets from the #GreatInstagramExchange Twitter conversations:

Hurry! Registrations for the #GreatInstagramExchange are open only till Feb 1.