Taken Down After ‘60,000 Views In 20 hours.’ Seems Suspicious?

Satire site taken down after ‘60,000 Views In 20 hours.' We think the entire drama is suspicious.


Internet has been a boon for mankind. But like any other technology, Internet has its downsides too. India is witnessing the negative side of the Internet with the general elections of 2014 inching closer. Freedom of speech and information is being curbed in a country that calls itself the world’s biggest democracy. – a satire website was launched yesterday and within twenty hours the site touched sixty thousand hits. But the attention was too much for the creator and he/she had to pull down the satire site. The JavaScript-powered trick as well as all the content from the website has been removed and a statement has been put up in place, reports IBN Live.

The site which went live on 17th July, 2013 was a smart one, had a smiling picture of Gujarat’s CM and BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi. The content on the site read like this –

For a detailed explanation of how Mr Narendra Modi plans to run the nation if elected to the house as a Prime Minister and also for his view/perspective on 2002 riots please click the link below.

Right below the image, the site had an action button - Get The Details. The fun part starts now, when a user tried to click on the button to get the details, it seemed to take on the ‘evasive character’ that Modi’s critics accuse him of being. No matter how hard the user tried, the button ran away from the mouse cursor.

 The trick could be said an adapted version of where the cursor could never meet the button. Rahul Roushan, Editor, Faking News shared the same in his article at IBN Live -

“Really smart way of putting across an opinion and nobody deserves to be “hounded” for that.”

But the site is no more active and what seems from the note on the site (no more available) the creator was hounded.

But the big question is when and where did the hounding happen?

The note that was last seen on the site stated that the contact address in the WHOIS database has a fake phone number. The site had no Twitter handle. So the chances of hounding on the phone and Twitter are out of the question.

In fact the website owner created a Twitter handle @nmplans post earlier today and the first tweet was addressed to @fakingnews - offering to do a twitter chat. Roshan as Faking News exchanged few tweets asking some general questions. Besides there has been no activity on the Twitter handle and the account is no more alive. The below tweet is one of the interactions between Faking News and NMPlans.

Now the entire thing looks fishy! A satire site taken down when a site like is still up there. Though it is good as dead since it has nothing to talk about.

Nevertheless, the entire drama has a suspicious angle too.

As the elections come closer we are going to see more such drama. With anonymous playing the protagonist one can’t say who has done it and with what motive. Like some see the entire episode as a Congress conspiracy to defame Modi and his supporters, while others believe that Modi fans should develop a sense of humour. Some tweets also claim this to be baked by Faking News!

So what is your take on the entire episode?