Narendra Modi’s Message To Party Men: Use Social Media, RTI To Expose The Corruption Of The Congress Government

BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi has asked party functionaries to increasingly tap the potential of RTI and social media during campaign to expose "corruption" under Congress.

Narendra Modi At Trichy

2014 Lok Sabha elections is a fight between the Indian National Congress Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is the fight between BJP’s PM candidate and Gujarat’s CM Narendra Modi vs the rest. In order to pull his party back Modi is giving it all whether it be offline or online.

Narendra Modi At TrichyYesterday Modi was on his first visit to Tamil Nadu after he was appointed the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate addressing about two lakh people gathered at the BJP’s youth conference in Trichy, 350 Km from Chennai. While he spoke in Tamil, Hindi and English while lashing the current governments’ policies in his rally; he also had a closed door meeting with party functionaries on Wednesday night. The idea was to remind the party workers about the the central plank of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls which is “fight against corruption.”

Modi, who has been an evangelist of digital and social medium tapping it quite early when the rest of the politicians were still debating its use, has asked his party workers to increasingly tap the potential of Right To Information (RTI) and social media during campaigning to expose corruption under the Congress rule, which is backing the present UPA Government at the Center and States.

The discussions also stressed on how social media could be effective in taking the party’s key themes and messages to a wide spectrum of electorate, especially the youngsters who constitute a major chunk of voters.

Modi has been aggressively campaigning after being announced as the BJP’s PM candidate. His visit to this part of the country also highlights that he wants to end the electoral failure in the state. At the same time he has been pushing his message of social media strongly among his party workers as we have seen earlier when he had visited BJP Maharashtra cell some time back, though during that time he was officially not the BJP’s PM candidate.

Image courtesy: Facebook