Narendra Modi Sixth Most Followed World Leader On Twitter

A new study by Twiplomacy has now revealed that Narendra Modi is the sixth most followed world leader on Twitter.

Narendra Modi Facebook

The would be PM of India - Narendra Modi seems to be having a gala time on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. After gaining an enormous popularity on Facebook, Modi is now moving fast on Twitter. According to TOI, a new study by Twiplomacy has now revealed that Modi is the sixth most followed world leader on Twitter.

Twiplomacy is a Burson-Marsteller annual study aimed at finding to what extent world leaders use Twitter. According to the findings, Modi who has 4.28M followers on Twitter notches up a weekly growth of 6.77%, monthly rise of 12.22% and quarterly growth of 24.26%.

However, the most followed leader on Twitter is US President Barack Obama, followed by Pope Francis. The other three who are ahead of Modi are the President of Indonesia SB Yudhoyono, the official White House account, and Turkish President Abdullah Gul.

Not only Twitter, Modi is gradually becoming one of the most popular leader on Facebook too. Right now Modi has the fastest growing Facebook page for any elected official in the world and is only second after US President Barack Obama in terms of fan following of politicians. At the moment Narendra Modi is the second most popular politician right after US President Barack Obama, who has over 40 million fans on Facebook. Modi, however, has greater growth rate on Facebook (1.171 per cent) as compared to Obama’s 0.305 per cent.

Additionally, during the election Narendra Modi became the second most-liked politician on Facebook behind only President Obama and Arvind Kejriwal who also joined the ranks of the top five liked politicians globally. In addition, 13 million people made 75 million interactions regarding Modi.

Hopefully with Modi’s love towards social media, India’s PMO will have a greater level of engagement. Till now the PMO’s Twitter handle under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh had a very limited engagement that mainly focused on government news and announcements, quotes from statements made by the PM and what is “happening now” at the Prime Minister’s Office.