Gujarat CM & BJP’s PM Candidate Narendra Modi Dominates Social Media and Search In 2013

The clear winner on social media and search for 2013 has been the present Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi.


Narendra Modi Facebook

We have 10 more days left before we bid good bye to 2013. Looking back at the time passed by one would accept that this year saw the adoption and intent of effective social media usage by a majority of political parties and politicians. 2013 began with the debate that social media can’t influence elections or drive voters to the polling booth, but later on social media became a platform of debate and controversies along with the traditional mediums.

While the year saw politicians like Nitish Kumar, Kapil Sibal, Sharad Pawar, among others finally joining the social media platforms, the clear winner on social and search for 2013 has been the present Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP’s PM candidate, Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi dominates social – Facebook and Twitter

Facebook, the country’s most popular social network in the second week of December released its 2013 Year In Review. The network that has more than 82M monthly users in the country revealed three sets of data but the ‘Most Talked About Topics’ in the country was an interesting one. While the most checked in place in 2013 is Sukhdev Dhaba, the most mentioned person of 2013 is Narendra Modi followed by the ‘God of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar who retired earlier this year.

Facebook 2013 most talked about

On Facebook the popularity of Narendra Modi hasn’t seen any dip in recent times. The Facebook page has more than  7.2M fans and another 841K people have been talking on the page. As I write this article, the last update on the page has been around 5 hours ago about Modi’s rally in the city of Varanasi. The content which invites fans to follow the live proceedings has been shared by more than 1K people, commented by close to 1K and liked by 37K people. The page is a perfect delight for a fan to follow his politician.

Twitter where Modi’s official account has more than 3M followers, finds a mention in the year end report of Twitter for India. Twitter shared on its blog that Trending Topics - that help Twitter users discover the hottest emerging topics on the platform - was dominated again by Narendra Modi under the politics category followed by the Gandhi scion and VP of the Indian National Congress party, Rahul Gandhi.

In fact #NaMoInKashi hashtag has been at the top of Twitter India Trends since the morning and this has been the case with all his rallies this year.

Narendra Modi dominates search – Google and Yahoo

Search also replicated the same dominance of Narendra Modi in 2013. Google recently revealed its Zeitgeist 2013, a report that talks about what people searched on the search giant, in which it has shared the Top Trending, Most Searched, Movies, News Events, among others. While Indian Railway website IRCTC has been the most searched topic, Narendra Modi has been the most searched politician of 2013 on the platform followed by Rahul Gandhi again. The Gujarat CM also finds the top place in News Events category followed by the news Blackberry Sale and Rahul Dravid retirement.

Yahoo India which also released its list of the biggest trends of the year 2013 has placed Narendra Modi at the top of the ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ list, overtaking Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Rahul Gandhi of the Congress. The list also included cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Tehelka’s Tarun Tejpal.

The list prepared by Yahoo has been based on the most popular search terms in addition to trends curated by the Internet Company’s in-house editorial team of what users read, recommended and shared on the Yahoo network.

Modi’s dominance on the Indian internet space in 2013 means that there has been a massive investment on manpower and technology. With 2014 Lok Sabha elections nearing, the investments on social are not going to stop and it would be worth observing the ongoing dominance of Narendra Modi in 2014 too.