Narendra Modi Becomes The Second Most Liked Politician On Facebook

According to Facebook India Narendra Modi became the second most-liked politician on Facebook who joined the ranks of the top five liked politicians globally

Narendra Modi BJP Elections 2014

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won the 16th Lok Sabha Eecltions. Narendra Modi BJP’s PM candidate and the would be PM of India has won the elections by a huge margin. The 16th general elections have been historic in every sense; technology and social media have played a sizable role for the first time. Earlier we looked at how social networks in the country have used their platform to bring politicians and voters closer. Twitter, which was the chosen platform for both conversation and controversy by political parties, also had some interesting integration.

Facebook, India’s most popular social network with more than 100 million users has shared that from the day the polls were announced to the day polling ended, 29 million people in India made 227 million interactions (posts, comments, shares, and likes) regarding the Lok Sabha elections on Facebook.

Digging deep into the numbers, Facebook India informs that the network witnessed two-thirds of all daily active Facebook users in India and an average of 10 interactions per person discussing about elections 2014.

Additionally, during the election Narendra Modi became the second most-liked politician on Facebook behind only President Obama and Arvind Kejriwal also joined the ranks of the top five liked politicians globally. In addition, 13 million people made 75 million interactions regarding Modi.

At present Modi has 14 million fans and the selfie with his mother is one of the most engaging content with 1 million plus likes and 92K shares.

Post by Narendra Modi.

The other politicians who gained the most since the poll announcement is Rajnath Singh of the BJP, who registered a 18 percent increase. In terms of parties, BJP registered the most growth in the number of fans with an increase of over 22 percent since the poll dates were announced.

Yesterday Twitter India had shared that the platform witnessed more than 56 million election-related  tweets from January 1 this year till May 12, when the polls ended. Providing more numbers to chew on, Twitter points that: Each of the poll days saw between 5.4 lakh and 8.2 lakh election-related tweets. To give it a better perspective the data science team at Twitter has created an interesting visualisation. Click on the below map to play the 30 second video, don’t forget to zoom in the map to find detailed level voices specific to every region and corner of the country. The visualisation takes into consideration three players only – Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal.

The 16th Lok Sabha elections saw a good amount of participation from social networks; Facebook has tried to integrate the network wherever possible. Click here and here to know more on how Facebook has used its platform during the elections.

Image courtesy: Livemint