Narendra Modi Appoints Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh To Drive His Social Media Campaign For 2014 Elections

The Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is giving it all for the 2014 General Elections and in doing so he has assigned Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh to drive his social media campaign.


Social media is not going have a big impact on 2014 elections, it is still a supplement was one of the statement made during the Big Tent event in India by Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. But, one man is all set to prove him wrong and also the entire political class who believe in monitoring social media rather than using it to connect with fans. According to TOI, the Gujarat CM is giving it his all for the 2014 General Elections and in doing so, he has assigned Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh to drive his social media campaign.

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The Indian internet industry is aware of the success stories of the two, who are often recalled as “The Original Dotcom poster boys.” Rajesh is well known for selling IndiaWorld to Sify for Rs. 499 crore and Mahesh has been successful in founding companies like IndiaInfo and OneIndia. The successful duo are now making sure that BJP comes into power in next elections and for that they are putting together a 100-member content and technology team in Bangalore to drive Modi’s internet campaign.

The move comes as no surprise as both Narendra Modi and his party, BJP have been the pioneers in adopting technology and connecting with people on social media. One can debate about the authenticity of the fans that the CM has built on social but what people see is the intent and the prime ministerial candidate from BJP has often portrayed it.

Whether it is with creating a presence on social networks or conducting the most successful Hangout by any Indian politician, Modi has done it successfully. Recently he was again in the news for a statement he made while interacting with the BJP Maharashtra cell – “Get me 48 lakh social media id’s from the 48 lok sabha seats in the state.”

One may say that it is an irrational statement but his intent was to set the equation straight with the BJP Maharashtra cell leaders. Get down to work, know the people from your constituency and also find out what are the social networks that they are spending time on. This will only help create the air of seriousness among the party people when it comes from the top guy.

Both Rajesh Jain and BG Mahesh have declined to comment on the story but it is clear that with the coming elections, political fights will not happen only in offline spaces but social media too. Wonder what strategies Congress is making to counter Narendra Modi’s social media strategies that are drawing similarities with Barack Obama’s presidential elections in the US.