Narendra Modi Wins 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Tweets The Most Engaging Tweet Of India And Launches Victory Wall #CongratsNaMo

Narendra Modi and BJP have won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with a strong majority and to start with Modi has used Twitter to wish the country. Victory Wall has been created too.

Narendra Modi 2014 elections

The 16th Lok Sabha Elections in India have concluded with BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi witnessing a land slide victory. The 63 year old Modi is all set to become the next PM of India. Ideally one would expect the new PM to do a press conference or go to a TV channel and deliver a message to the nation. But Modi being a social media pro politician in the country, the celebrations are also being powered by social and digital media.

To start with he tweeted “India has won” after it was confirmed that BJP has made a clean sweep in the recent general elections. The tweet has so far-fetched 48K retweets and 29K favourites. According to Twitter India Modi’s tweet is now the most retweeted tweet ever from India.

The same message was shared on Facebook and the message has received 48K shares along with 367K likes. We haven’t heard any data milestones from Facebook India yet but then again it is path breaking engagement. On the same content more than 30K people have commented and wished the new PM of India. It’s a known secret that Modi is fascinated with technology and his latest love has been with selfies. His inked finger selfie after he casted his vote is one of the most popular 2014 election tweet.

Once again today he has shown his love for selfie with his mother. After the election results were out he visited his mother and also took the opportunity to click a selfie and shared with his 4 million followers on Twitter. The same was also shared on Facebook which has got some great appreciation.

Finally Modi and his party knows that this victory wouldn’t be possible without the support of his supporters. To make it more special a Victory Wall has been created where supporters can share their wishes on the wall.  A fan can share by tweeting #CongratsNaMo or commenting on Modi’s Facebook message or wishing through an image. Provision of SMS has been made possible.

The website or the Victory Wall has filters and search options enabled. The below screen grab gives a quick look of the wall. Moving forward there could be changes to include  the total social messages along with top messages.


The Victory Wall reminds of another recent digital activism by team Modi’s. To make the #SelfieWithModi moment a bit more interesting, the BJP digital team had created a mosaic of Modi’s face and asked fans to share their selfies along with #SelfieWithModi. If you were a Modi fan then all you had to do was upload your photo on the mosaic site. The site had given choices of regular upload along with email id or even access Facebook account to upload images.

From day one of his election campaigning, he has trusted social media along with other forms of marketing. Today’s celebrations on social media is a reflection of his belief on the medium. It is good that finally the country is getting a digitally and socially active PM, the country desperately needs to improve on infrastructure.

Here’s wishing all the best to the new PM of India - Narendra Modi, hopefully he delivers what he has promised and makes India an economically and digitally strong nation.