What Lies Ahead For Namrata Balwani As Digital Head At OgilvyOne Delhi

Namrata Balwani, SVP, Delhi Head, OgilvyOne Worldwide talks about leaving Media2Win, challenges at OgilvyOne Delhi and the road ahead in digital marketing

You are known for the decisions you take in your life and some are tough. One of them is moving ahead of what you have built for more than a decade because you felt that it was the a logical thing to do. It isn’t the easiest decision for an entrepreneur but Namrata Balwani CEO at Media2Win - a Mumbai based independent digital marketing agency, decided to call it a day last year during the month of August. “I spent 10 years building an independent digital agency, and I saw a corporate move as a logical step from an experience and personal growth point of view at this stage.”

Starting her advertising career in 1999 as senior media planner at Contract Advertising, she moved on to Maxus for another three years from 2002. It was in 2005, she decided to co-found Media2Win and joined the agency as business head. During her time she helped the agency expand in three cities, expanded the roaster and won numerous awards for client work.

“Media2win is my baby and it is very, very hard to let go of your baby. It was a tough decision for me and an emotional one. I remember each of those ten years as if it were yesterday. There are times in life when one has to move on, and I did. I wouldn’t take back even one of those ten years though!” shared Namrata who recently joined OgilvyOne Worldwide as senior vice president and Delhi head.

However, the move wasn’t a quick one as it is seen in many cases. Namrata took a deserving break before she could decide in which direction she should steer her 15-year-old professional career. “Running a start-up business means being on-call 24×7. It’s also a roller coaster ride every step of the way. Such a highly charged environment doesn’t allow you much time for yourself. I consciously took a break to focus on things that were important to me such as travel and fitness, and yes, personal goals. It also gave me time to think about what I wanted to do next.”

Namrata BalwaniIt’s been two months since she took over OgilvyOne Delhi’s responsibility and she is already involved in several exciting work but nothing that she could talk about right now.

But then how difficult is it for an entrepreneur to go back to the corporate culture wearing the hat of an employee? She believes that today companies wants employees with an entrepreneurial mindset, so it isn’t a big shift as expectations and objectives remain the same. “Everyone has to be an entrepreneur whether in a start-up venture or in a corporate. That’s the mindset that all companies look for because driving growth, value and revenue are at the forefront of all business oriented roles.”

Over the years, she has witnessed all aspects of running a company and taking over as the digital head won’t be a big change. The madness to create fresh ideas, meet client expectations and grow the digital business still remains static. “Our Delhi business is doing very well, in terms of business wins and awards both. She is the right person to head the team. She will bring fresh energy to the place. Her focus will be the same as Ogilvy’s - to drive the digital business forward,” added Vikram Menon, president and country head, OgilvyOne Worldwide and [email protected]

While there isn’t a doubt that she is the right person for the job, she does face the challenge of building a center that has churned out some amazing work for clients like Philips, Sony, British Airways, among others. “The challenge at OgilvyOne Delhi is to build on what is already a fantastic team and fabulous clients. Magic comes from doing great work that we take pride in and that clients appreciate. If our work adds value to the brand & is innovative, it will speak for itself. That’s my goal. To ensure that we do work that we love; through which our clients benefit. That will lead to business growth and award winners. A little bit of magic goes a long way.”

Moving from here Namrata is quite excited by the phenomenal growth of mobile internet consumption. “It has led to an explosion in content consumption as well as in geo local services. There is so much more we can do here than what’s currently being done. Brands have yet to completely decide how to embrace the mobile platform while consumers are already there.”

However she thinks there was more interesting work in 2014 compared to what has happened till now. Looks like the industry might witness outstanding work from OgilvyOne Delhi with Namrata at the helm.