Solve A Mysterious Robbery To Discover The Louis Philippe A/W’12 Collection

About the 'Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe' Facebook contest by Louis Philippe to promote its latest Autumn/Winter 2012 Bloomsbury collection


Product launches are getting exciting by the day. If the Louis Philippe Autumn/Winter 2012 collection launch is anything to go by, then we are in for some really exciting times on social media in India. To discover the new collection by Louis Philippe, the brand has invited you to play Sherlock Holmes, the most sharp detective known to London and all over, to solve the mystery of the stolen wardrobe with the new collection. The one to solve it the quickest wins a 3 days/2 nights trip to London, courtesy Louis Philippe. Also, the top 25 players with the quickest time will get exclusive vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each. So much to solve the robbery of a prized possession!

Which fan wouldn’t be ready for a challenge, especially if it invites you like this – “It was the middle of the night. The thief stole the master’s most precious possession and escaped. He left clues but only the world’s greatest detective can decipher them. Are you ready to take up the challenge?” I certainly was so I liked the page at once.

About Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe

Once you ‘like’ the page, you can access the contest hosted on the Facebook app ‘Mystery of the stolen wardrobe‘. After reading about the mystery and the incentives offered for solving it, you have three options: begin, view leaderboard and check the T&Cs. If you were me, you would skip the leaderboard because the folks listed on that board are really quick and that could put me off the challenge. So, do check out the T&Cs and then begin.


A timer starts ticking the moment you begin and there are 4 levels to be unlocked. A butler or a man friday probably, answers the doorbell for you and explains the crime addressing you as Mr. Holmes; you can inspect the scene of crime and look for clues to solve them or you can browse through the A/W’12 collection. The first time I browsed through the collection and the second time I chose to solve the mystery as I wasn’t able to go back to the app.

With a mystifying score playing in the background, you begin searching for clues. You mouse cursor is a magnifying lens now and objects that are clues start glowing when you move your mouse over them. After that, you can move around quite intuitively with the given clues and messages. Follow footsteps and identify the kind of mud in it, solve a Morse code,  call a phone number to get a 4-digit code to a combination safe and more of such exciting stuff.

Eventually, you unlock all levels and find out the thief and the stolen collection too. The app will then take your contact details like name, email id and phone number and leave you with a link to ‘view the collection’.

How cool is the campaign?

I loved it! We’ve got to admit that we all played detective at one point in our lives. And, Louis Philippe has banked on that pretty well in this contest. Launching a dapper collection for the man who wants to make a mark through a fun mystery thriller app where the man plays the hero is an awesome idea. I know a bunch of folks who are always on the lookout for exciting new contests on Facebook and this would really work for them.

Besides, the app has a couple of nice-to-have features apart from a cool objective. Beautiful design with fine detailing as required, an intriguing background score that can be muted by a user, cool clues in the game that were fun and not complex for the user, and lastly the ‘interactive’ element was maintained throughout.

I did have two little issues though – once while I began the game, I wasn’t able to resume the game after I had opted to view the collection, and second time when I had to call the phone number at level 3, the number worked after quite a few attempts. And I have to add in a concern regarding the leaderboard times – how is it possible to complete this game in 6 seconds in the first attempt?

Nonetheless a cool app by Louis Philippe and again I foresee the same pattern as many other brands on Facebook with the most popular age group being 18-24 years. These are the most definitive years and brands seem to be catering to them on Facebook despite only a small percentage of them falling into the target consumer.

So, have you given a shot at the challenge? Do let me know how you like the app.