Myntra Encourages Youngsters To ‘Live For Likes’ In New Campaign

Ecommerce fashion brand, Myntra has launched its new campaign 'Live for likes' that suggests one to be trendy with Myntra and get more likes on Facebook

Myntra live for likes

We are a generation obsessed with gaining approval of our social connections. The more ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ we get, the more we move up our social status. In a way, most of the youth culture revolves around doing things just to get ‘likes’. And brands are weaving their own stories around this.

Myntra , one of India’s largest fashion and lifestyle ecommerce company, is celebrating self love like no other in its new campaign. The brand has launched a TVC that features stylish young people living for ‘likes’ literally. Interestingly, the campaign also takes inspiration from the gen X ‘selfie’ culture. Myntra is just one more brand to have capitalized on the selfie phenomenon that is getting increasingly popular in the social media generation of today.

In the latest TVC, Myntra suggests youngsters to ‘Get the looks, get the likes’. With a peppy song playing in the background, the commercial shows orders coming in from Myntra while the young, fashionable buyers get ready, set and go - all ready to pose for the lens. A ticker beside shows their growing popularity as their pictures keep adding ‘likes’ on Facebook.

The brand has announced the Style Machine contest where players win big as they discover and set new trends in fashion. Hosted on a dedicated site, the Style Machine gets you currency, while players with maximum currency win big. Top 5 scorers win bikes, INR 1 lakh worth shopping vouchers and a Samsung LED TV. All you need to do is login with a registered account, spin the Style Machine, match the looks and earn currency.

You start with a minimum currency of 2000, and for every Spin you take you give up 400 currency. Once you spin, the style machine spins up a trend and if it is the winning trend, you win currency. You can choose to explore the particular trend or shop for it at Myntra to gain currency.

To win more currency, you can refer your friends and family. For every referral you win 200 and if they also join, you win 5000 currency. Another way to win more currency, is to like/share the trend, for which you win 200 currency, and if you choose to buy the particular trend, you can win 3000 currency.

Additionally, shoppers enter the lucky draw for a chance to win Moto G phones and shopping vouchers worth INR 2000.


Bonding with the TG

With this new campaign, Myntra is apparently trying to own the online fashion category. Enabling fashion-conscious people to set stylish trends and helping them look fashionable is the key objective here. The brand is speaking the language of its target group - the trendy youth always on the hunt for gaining ‘likes’ from their social connections. Style Machine also ensures sales with its clever strategy to reward shoppers with currency to spin more.

While the social implications of encouraging ‘living for likes’ might not yield a positive result on young, moulding minds, it does celebrate the large segments of society who believe in sharing and gaining social approval in ‘likes’. Also, the inclusion of selfies further bonds with the target community.

A smart concept that is ‘in’ the times, while also staying in line with its business objective after being acquired by Flipkart. However, trends will fade and so will the brand communication.