Anouk’s New Ad Shows You How Pregnancy Is Not The End Of Career

A high performing architect isn’t being promoted despite having worked nights on the project; her fault – she had gotten pregnant! Anouk salutes the pregnant working women in new ad

Following the viral success of Anouk’s bold-themed ads this May, the contemporary ethnic wear brand from etailer Myntra has now rolled out another equally sensitive ad highlighting workplace bias against women during the most special time of their life – their pregnancy.

This May, the ethnic wear brand had triggered a massive organic buzz on social media with its series of ad films on social acceptance issues around women. 3 ad films, each 3 minutes long boldly tackled socially relevant issues like homosexuality, single-parenting and staying single. The one on the lesbian couple all getting ready to reveal it to their parents, got global coverage too.

The films were beautifully aligned with the brand philosophy – Bold is Beautiful. Read ‘Myntra Salutes Bold Women In New Ad Films For Ethnic Wear Brand‘.

Myntra has now released the fourth film in the series and this one stars actor Radhika Apte as a high performing architect named Shaheen, who isn’t being promoted for being pregnant.

The 2.26 minute film titled ‘The Calling’ begins with a lone Apte standing outside at the lobby dressed in a red dress and a blue long jacket. She is soon joined by her female boss, Uma (played by actor Shernaaz Patel) who compliments her work and informs her ‘they loved it’. But Shaheen isn’t looking happy.

The two get into a car and you notice that Shaheen is pregnant. Uma tries to break the ice by complimenting Shaheen’s jacket and also asserting that it hid her ‘bump’ nicely. Shaheen is visibly disturbed at this comment.

A few moments later, she rakes up the issue of her ‘bump’ and how it has become the cause of her losing her assignments and promotions to another colleague at work, despite having worked nights on the project. Uma blames it as a management decision, and excuses herself for not informing Shaheen earlier. Shaheen says it’s too late now, leaving you wondering about what’s coming up.

The conversations between the two touch upon debatable issues like pregnant women being unable to deliver their best performance and more. Uma tells Shaheen to take a break for her baby and come back next year; her promotion will be waiting. Shaheen insists she can manage both.

Then just when you expect Shaheen to accept her fate, they reach her destination, which is revealed as her new office. Shaheen already knew about the ‘management decision’ and had chosen to start up on her own!

The brand has been sharing the ad on its social media pages, while throwing open the debate on pregnant women being considered no more fit for the role. Radhika Apte with over 160K followers on Twitter has also shared the ad film.

Taking a bold stand

Anouk has been neatly positioning itself one ad story at a time, and that too, without deviating from its larger brand story. ‘Bold is Beautiful’ has been carried throughout its ad series whether it’s about homosexuality, single parenting, staying single, or as the latest ad focuses on ‘working during pregnancy – a fiery debate the world over where one school of thought insists women should be resting during their pregnancy, while the other does not see pregnancy as a handicap to her performance.

The Calling is in continuation with the previous films and like the earlier ones, it also helps create a connect with the brand’s target group – the bold, millennial woman who has a mind of her own. Anouk could get the conversation going by having pregnant working women share their stories and how they’ve tackled it at work.