#AnoukBoldIsBeautiful – Myntra Salutes Bold Women In New Ad Films For Ethnic Wear Brand

For Myntra's exclusive ethnic wear brand Anouk, a set of 3 ad films have been launched, which deal with sensitive issues like homosexuality, single parenting and being single


Fashion wear etailer, Myntra, acquired by Flipkart last year, had made the headlines for scraping its website and going app-only from May 15, 2015. A lot of speculations and data-driven reasons were concluded behind this move by a brand claiming to be making 70% of its sales from its mobile app. This time around, the brand has made another bold move for its women’s ethnic wear brand.

For Anouk, its contemporary ethnic wear brand, Myntra has rolled out a series of 3 ad films, each 3 minutes long, each broaching up social acceptance issues around women. Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather and produced by Hectic Content, the three films focus on issues like ‘homosexuality’, ‘single-parenting’ and ‘staying single’.

‘The Visit’ is the story of a lesbian couple who had been hiding about their relationship with their parents. The parents of one of the girl are set to visit her and she is seen getting ready in ethnic wear while chatting with her female partner. The two plan to reveal their relationship and not hide it anymore, as they were sure about their love for each other.

‘The Wait’ is set at a bar where a women is happily seated alone, and chatting up with her friends on her smartphone. A man, sensing she is alone and might want male company, tries to make creepy advances when he is completely taken aback by her bold responses one after the other.

‘The Whispers’ portrays a segment of Indian society that is forever indulging in gossip around a single mother. The story revolves around a single mother to a little daughter, having to face gossip about her missing husband from other residents in the society. In one such encounter she demonstrates why the father not being around has no negative influence on her or her daughter and that she is perfectly capable of bringing her up on her own.

The films have raked in more than 180K to 200K views each and much appreciation for the brand. It also fits in with what Anouk, the brand stands for. “Your choices make you bold, your boldness makes you beautiful. Anouk celebrates the ‘Bold’ you.” The films end with a text blurb asking viewers to download the Myntra app to preview the Anouk collection.

Anouk has been leveraging its social media properties to share the films as well as build conversations around the central message. The ethnic wear brand is inviting people to tag their bold friends who have not made compromises in any situation, along with the hashtag #AnoukBoldIsBeautiful.

The ad films have also triggered social conversations with the campaign hashtag, reflecting positive sentiments for the brand.

Anouk has indeed made heads roll with its bold concepts, especially the one on homosexuality in a country where it is illegal and same-sex couples even holding hands in public has been ridiculed at. For an exclusive collection available only on Myntra, #AnoukBoldIsBeautiful is a bold start on digital media, one that builds brand affinity as well as gives consumers one more reason to download the Myntra app.

However, Anouk could have gone for a bolder and interesting social media strategy than asking fans to simply tag friends.