My Views On The Gillette India Campaign ‘People’s Gateway Movement’

My Views On The Gillette India Campaign 'People's Gateway Movement'

Facebook engagement is a challenge for brands, so that leads us to find interesting campaigns sprouting every now and then. Of late, we witnessed quite a few brands engaging with their fans around the backdrop of CSR. To name a few, we had the mighty Tata Steel sharing amazing videos of ‘Value’s Stronger than steel‘ and the Mahindra’s  ‘Spark the Rise‘ initiative. CSR, the social way has been the preferred choice by the bigger brands for some time now. Reason being that it helps the brand in two folds:

1. The brand builds a positive image amongst fans.

2. It’s also not pushing the marketing message flat on your face but doing it indirectly via supporting a cause.


However in the same breath, brands doing such activities tend to walk on the line of fire, often resulting into a #fail initiative. Particularly so when a brand tries to acquire fans surrounding the sentiments of 26/11.

Gillette India recently launched ‘People’s Gateway Movement‘ campaign around the third anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror strike. The campaign is a tribute to the Indian soldiers where Gillette as a brand is creating a people’s movement by creating awareness and asking fans a question that “Should the Gateway of India be dedicated to our soldiers?”

The campaign has got a healthy response from its fans in terms of likes and comments which you can see from one of its posts shared below.

Facebook response


Gillette has also launched ‘MySoldierParade’ portal where one can log in via her Facebook or Twitter account. Build an army of people to support a cause in her city.  The bigger your army, the more you stand a chance to win goodies.

Along with all this, Gillette India has also roped in gorgeous Bollywood celebrities such as Neha Duphia, Poorna Jagannathan, etc. to bolster the movement.

[youtube T3ez2oPU6Sk 400 300]


Looks all nice but I think Gillette India could have done better instead of driving fans to it’s page with a patriotic emotion and then asking them to ‘Like’ its page for supporting the movement. Well as a big brand, you are much smarter than that and you are also aware of various ways of acquiring fans then why employ such cheap antics?

Some digital evangelist might debate that the brand here is doing something bigger by launching a petition to the President of India to re-dedicate the Gateway of India to the soldiers of 26/11. But then why drive people to your brand page? Gillette could have created a Gateway page instead. Besides one is also aware what brands do once the campaign is over – Bombard the timeline of fans with the brand’s marketing message.

Even the movement that has been created, ‘People’s Gateway Movement’ lacks practicality. We do love our country and are proud of our soldiers but if we really want to add value then let’s do more tangible things. For example, the brand could have supported the families of martyrs who lost their lives or were wounded during the 26/11 terror strike.

And if Gillette India really wants to support the real soldier then it might as well support the ‘Indian Blade Runner’, Major Devender Pal Singh and create an engagement around it. You are sure to win many more Indian hearts rather than mere fan count. I hope that Gillette India is listening…

Don’t you think such campaigns wash out over a period of time as they lack the objective or am I being too skeptical?