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by Prasant Naidu on September 13, 2021

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Watching a movie today is not just mere fun, it also digs a hole in your pocket and bigger the family, bigger is the hole! The exorbitant ticket fares at multiplexes are not convincing enough compared with the quality of movies these days. An option is to check out the movie reviews either on newspapers or online or television. But we also know that at some point of time, these reviews are not convincing. However, a movie review portal does the same thing but with a difference. The portal gathers movie reviews of critics as well as of the common man based on online reviews, Twitter and Facebook. The introduction of social media is the highlighting feature of

Let’s say you want to check out how the latest movie ’ Meri Brother Ki Dulhan’ is, then simply select the movie on The dedicated page for the movie consists of an overall movie rating derived from Critics and Twitter ratings. You can also see how many Facebook friends of yours have liked the movie with complete information of the prominent star cast. If you want to read what people are saying then you can select the Critics tab or Tweet tab, etc. to get the reactions across masses based on parameters such as Jhakas and Bakwas. Twitter undoubtedly today is an informational and conversational medium and is milking it efficiently. As we Indians are mad about Cricket and Bollywood, is pulling out all this information based on hashtags and keywords. However, there is a bit of spam within the tweets that are being pulled at times.  For e.g. Rivaaz is an upcoming movie and has pulled up the tweets related to it but unfortunately it is also the name of the takeaway joint so even that Tweet is pulled. One of the solutions could be the creative heads behind the movie should create hashtags so that people are aware when they are tweeting about it.

Movie Review


The portal also provides a section for upcoming movies and for celebrities under the section name  “Coming Soon” and “Celebrities” respectively.

Coming Soon and Celebrities


The Coming Soon section highlights the Twitter buzz and also collects the Facebook posts for the forthcoming movies. The Celebrities section is a fan page highlighting their popularity index based on the tweets by their followers and also lists Facebook fans. The Celebrity section has all the relevant information of a celebrity which now also includes tweets from the celebrity if she is present on Twitter.

A great portal powered specially by social media made us excited to do an email interview with the founder of, Anshuman Das.

Anshuman Das

1. Anshuman, is claimed to be India’s first and largest movie database. Can you talk bit more on this.

We want to be the for India. Most movie related websites in India deal with gossip and news. We are the first movie database website. We have more data of Hindi movies than any other website including PLUS, we are also the largest celebrity database website.

2. also gathers reviews from people via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. How are you capturing this?

We have built very close integration with Twitter and Facebook through which we capture all movie related messages. We collect thousands of messages from social media every day. Then, we have developed our proprietary ‘Social Relevance’ algorithm which analyzes those messages and gives a positive/negative ranking. For example, ‘This movie was awesome’ is positive and ‘I hated that movie’ is negative. An overall review or buzz is calculated based on this ranking.

3. The UI of displays Twitter rating with critics rating. What about the Facebook rating?

Facebook rating is displayed in the form of who in your friends have liked the movie. It is displayed on the inner page (detailed movie page). When a user logs in using his Facebook account, we display thumbnail pictures of his Facebook friends who have liked that particular movie.

4. Most of the latest movies have Critics rating but the Twitter rating is missing. So how fast do you get the social media ratings?

We collect Twitter rating starting late Friday when the movie is released. ‘Some of the latest movies missing Twitter rating’ is a known issue that we are currently fixing. It will be fixed this week. Users can then see Twitter rating of latest movies starting Friday night itself.

5. also measures the Twitter buzz for upcoming movies and also the popularity index of Bollywood celebs. How has the B-town showed its response?

We have received very positive feedback from professionals and journalists in Bollywood. is the only website, not just in India, but worldwide that offers this very unique and interesting feature. We are very glad that industry professionals have recognized and responded that. We are in the process of forming some big partnerships. Some big names in Bollywood will be featuring our Twitter buzz.

6. Finally, Anshuman any new features on the road map and how are you generating money out of

We have a lot of very interesting features on the roadmap. Most of it, I can’t talk about, for confidentiality reasons. One feature I can mention is ‘Facebook for Movies’ where movie lovers can have a movie profile, connect to each other and see their likes/dislikes in movies. This feature will be released in the next few weeks. We will have a Muvi Pro account which will be a paid account for Bollywood professionals. We will charge for some of the advanced features such as a social media dashboard for their movies, twitter trend of upcoming movie etc…


Thanks Anshuman for talking to us and sharing your thoughts. We will surely keep a close watch on So next time when you are moving out to watch a movie, are you going to see the buzz on or are you going to risk by going the traditional way?


Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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