#TumNahiSamjhoge – MuscleBlaze celebrates devotion, discipline, and dedication of fitness freaks

MuscleBlaze celebrates the real story of fitness freaks with a hard hitting film and an interesting digital campaign

Fitness is not just a New Year resolution. It’s not a means to get more likes on Instagram for your gym selfies. Being fit is a way of life, one that requires devotion, discipline, and dedication. There are no shortcuts and no instant results. It isn’t easy and people who succeed are hard to understand. Same has been the case with Thakur Anoop Singh, the Indian actor, and gold medal winner of 7th World Bodybuilding and Physique Federation.

Today Thakur has chosen fitness for life. Expressing his views via a video, he adds that his shift from acting to bodybuilding was questioned and judged by many. But it didn’t stop him and in 2015, he won the Mr. Asia gold in men’s fitness physique. At this point he is making a strong comeback in the film industry, be it down in the South Indian films or be it Bollywood. Quoting Thakur’s words -  “And when they ask u why, what, and what for just tell them #tumnahisamjhoge.”

#TumNahiSamjhoge or ‘you won’t understand’ is also the underlying theme of MuscleBlaze’s (high-performance sports nutrition brand from HealthKart) latest campaign. Launched earlier this week, the campaign has been crafted by healthcare agency, Medulla. According to reports, this is one of the biggest mainline campaigns by Medulla and is expected to go on air next week.

At the core of the campaign, there is a 2.2 minute long digital film, it is sure to give you goosebumps. The film salutes the hard work and sacrifices that fitness lovers have to undergo. It ends with a hard-hitting message that if you don’t understand the path towards being fit then you can’t be like one of them. Finally, the brand comes into the limelight with the assurance that it understands fitness freaks.

In parallel to the launch of the video, the brand has started a digital campaign targeting the fitness freaks in the country. The ongoing contest is about uploading your fittest picture, adding your #tumnahisamjhoge line and sharing it on social media. According to the brand promise, 15 winners get the MuscleBlaze supplement and the grand prize is a professional portfolio photo shoot by a renowned photographer.

The contest is not only about likes, if you are committed and passionate then go for it. Thakur, the brand ambassador will select the top five, every week, based on different criteria such as physique, #tumnahisamjhoge moment and others. Here is the video that has more details about the winner selection criteria:

The microsite is also hosting entries uploaded by the challengers, click and dwell in awe at their fitness and dedication. The site also holds informative videos about the contest and a shop now button if you would like to buy any of the MuscleBlaze products.

“Fitness Freaks, we get you!”

Today Indians are becoming more conscious about their health and beauty. According to reports, the nutraceuticals (the dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, and weight loss products clubbed together) industry in India is about $2.2 billion and is mainly targeting the southern region, followed by the eastern region with three major states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

Over the last few years, Healthkart has shifted its focus into fitness and nutrition. MuscleBlaze, the company’s private label has been one of its key product. Tum Nahi Samjhoge campaign showcases its belief and the right approach towards growth by reaching out to its target audience.

MuslceBlaze is a digital-first brand and the digital campaign justifies the brand’s objective. It obviously has a hard-hitting video that brings out the real story of a fitness freak. Rather than glorifying the machoism of muscles, it has tried to fight the casual attitude of the society with the determination of fitness lovers. The video also ends with a strong message conveying the brand belief - MuscleBlaze understands dedicated fitness lovers and stands by them.

The digital extension is taking forward the same brand message “we understand you.” The informative videos from Thakur tie the entire digital campaign smoothly. Last but not the least, “shop now” button is a great call to action.

A much needed campaign for fitness freaks in the country, one that is telling the true story while supporting them. It would be interesting to see if the fitness lovers switch to MuscleBlaze in the coming months. Probably giving free samples to the dedicated participants and tying it up with an offline meet along with winners and Thakur could be the last leg. It is a great beginning and it could be a giant move if the brand owns and nurtures this community of dedicated fitness lovers. Wonder if MuscleBlaze would like to walk the extra mile.